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Welcome to Wildlove!

Welcome to Wildlove Yoga!

Happy new year lovely ones! As its a new year heres a little brief introduction to Wildlove, its lovely to have you here.

Wildlove is a home from home, a safe space that allows you to show up exactly as you are. Within this container you can enjoy varying classes & workshops within the realms of Yoga, Pilates, Sound Healing & Self Care. Victoria holds daily classes and monthly workshops that can help you progress in your personal development & wellbeing. She has been teaching for 10 years, practicing for over 12 and lives and breathes Yoga. 

✨What classes are there?

You can enjoy a whole variety of classes that will physically work the body, calm sessions to rest a busy mind. Sound bath workshops that can aid deep relaxation and recalibration. Fun and uplifting challenging sessions and self care practices that bring in all sorts of gorgeous techniques from the Eastern world.

✨What sessions can I attend?

You are welcome to attend any class or workshop, they're inclusive, meaning they are open to all... no matter what age or ability. Postures are layered to suit each participants needs, enjoy feeling safe and confident with intuitive movement, explore where you're at and enjoy doing what you can/want to.

✨What can you expect in V's classes?

Expect a playful energy, open guidance that speaks from the heart and human experience. You can feel the glow of love that Victoria has for what she does, bringing people together, teaching them to care for themselves on their terms. Enjoy laughter, nurturing, patience, encouragement and a little bit of fire!

✨Do I need experience?

You do not need experience, just a spark of curiosity to learn. Classes & workshops welcome their arms to beginners in every single session and once you have tried once, it's like home. You will guided with safe and caring instruction and supported every step of the way.

I hope this little write up inspires you to try something new, if you have any questions about classes you're welcome to get in touch anytime, it would be lovely to hear from you.

Sending you lots of love!

V x



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