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When the Road Ends

Our most recent inspiration! This Film is just utterly wonderful, helping you to get your head around being out of your depth, this amazing man Dylan Wickrama rode his motorcycle called "Bruce" more than 210,000 km on four continents over a period of three years. The film just about skims this explorations through these countries and focuses on the final destination through the Darién Gap between Panama and Colombia.

The Darién Gap is a dense jungle between Panama and Colombia, of swamp land and no clear path through, especially with the motorcycle, he has two options, to catch a boat north side within the Caribbean sea which was heavily trafficked with pirates or south side within the Pacific ocean that has deep currents and isn't the safest place to sail. Dylan decides to take the South Pacific route, and making adventures even more exciting he wants to build his own raft to cross. The community and villages he visits support his venture and help him build a raft, from barrels and utilise this motorcycle as the motor.

You follow him with his self made footage of what life is like out in the vast ocean, the beauty and also the moments of complete silence, imagine being out there alone for days, upon weeks, leading into a month.

This film is a wonderful reminder that anything is possible if you put your mind to it, move out of your comfort zone and enjoy the journey!

V x


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