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Following Seas Documentary.

"Sailors personally face the great forces of nature, Those forces are not evil or anything, they're just indifferent... You have to live with what comes".

What incredibly powerful words, within the open of the 'Following Seas' trailer. From the moment we started watching it we have waves if inspiration of what lives we could lead.

This story is beautifully narrated by Nancy Griffith, a mother and wife that spent years upon years sailing and living in the open sea with her husband, her son and sometimes close friends. This tale all started when Bob Griffith sailed into Honolulu Harbor in 1960, he met Nancy and from that moment they fell in love with each other and it evoked a new experience on the sea.

They navigate the sea without the use of modern technology and before GPS and it's all been captured by Nancy's 16 millimeter film camera over the years. It is just gorgeous!

Sailing over 20 voyages over two decades they made it to antartica and are even in the guiness book of records. If this doesn't inspire you to sell all your belongs and get yourself out into the wilderness I don't know what will!!

Have a lovely week,

V x

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