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Wildlove Walks - Glyder Fach

This is probably one of the most challenging 'walks' I've been on, the paths that you might be able to see are not actually paths and as soon as you hit the foot of the first peak you are scrambling! We love a challenge and we love bouldering so we were excited to get our hands and feet climbing up this one. It took us over 2 hours to climb to the top and you can see on the second photo (below) that's the view you see getting up! An incredible and surreal setting when you reach the top. You will see for miles and miles and strange large rocks darting out in the landscape that you can climb (got to be brave as they are HUGE and have very large holes between them!)

An amazing place to explore within the Snowdonia area, you will get so much more from this experience rather than queueing for Snowdon but a word of safety, you will probably be walking alone. The 'path' up is not a path and the 'path' down is just as hard as the climb up! We ended up climbing down feet first!

Path visibility: At the beginning of the walk there is a rock path... as soon as you see the first peak there isn't one!

Time: 5 hours

Footfall: Not a soul around so be mindful of your experience

Difficulty: Difficult, no flat paths first 2 hours are uphill! If you like climbing and pushing your limits its perfect!

Distance: 5.12 miles

Max Altitude: 3190 feet

The most amazing and special place in my heart and I cannot wait to get back there and explore more!

V x

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