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Wildlove Walks - Hawkbatch Circular

A beautiful walk that could lead you deeper and deeper into the Wyre Forest and the surrounding area, we parked at the Hawkbatch car park which is located in Button Oak. The Wyre Forest can be a busy place over the weekend so it's nice to explore from another 'angle' as the visitors centre that may pop up on google can be very busy. This route starts by crossing over the road from the Hawkbatch carpark and you already find yourself in dense forest with Silver birch and Alder Buckthorn.

It's a steady walk with a well walked path and bridle way, you will also notice towards the last 3rd of the route that you land on the large gravel path which runs through the length of the Wyre Forest. The stream you follow is called Dowles brook which has plenty of places for you to paddle or just sit and take in the scenery, see if you can spot the area of the forest with the wild garlic growing! We picked some leaves to take home and made Wild Garlic Houmous!!! it's so tasty and so nice to just forage the food and use straight away.

Path visibility: A visible path that it dirt and bridle way.

Time: 21/2 hours (this time is based on walking with a 5 year old!)

Footfall: Very quiet, a few dog walkers and bikes.

Difficulty: Gentle, flat with steady incline and declines

Distance: 4.17miles

This route can be a little tricky to follow, we made it up by purely walking the wrong way!

This is over 4 miles of beautiful forest and streams, if you have more time and are child free you could easily walk all day!

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V x


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