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Yoga mat recommendations

Good morning!

Many of you have been in touch regarding yoga mat recommendations and the links for the equipment we use in classes!

I will always highly rate Liforme yoga mats, it’s an investment! They’re probably the best mats I’ve used, I have had two in my teaching lifetime and will always be my go to, they’re heavy, durable, rubber, you won’t slip, the mat won’t gather or stretch! If you have one I would love you to share your feedback about them! They have a new yellow and rainbow one which is far to tempting!

Another brand is Yoga Design Lab, I have also had two of these mats. I normally bring these with me when I’m travelling around or teaching in the studio, I can fold it into my backpack, it’s thin, and micro fibre coated so good for sweaty hands, light to carry and easy to put in the washing machine.

Resistance bands (not the loop ones everyone is using for a great butt!) but a long open thera band, specifically red. Honestly there are endless things we can do with them and we will be using them in future real life classes! They help you to focus on isolation and deeper work into specific muscle groups, if you do Pilates with me this band will become your new best friend. The links below are the ones I specifically brought...

And last but not least is a squishy ball, always better to work with a little deflated, great for balance, co-ordination, squeezing and resting into. Cheap and cheerful and does the job!

The last two pieces of equipment I highly recommend you invest in, if you're a regular student of mine we will be using these in future classes one we can get back to the studio. They also open up a whole new world to your personal practice, you can gain strength and flexibility as well as more body awareness!

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch, anytime!


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