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Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Hey wildlings!

I’m so happy you’re here, thank you for joining the adventure. This brand new website is here for you to be inspired by the world again, travel, nature and of course your health and wellbeing.

Starting from Monday 10th August we step into the studio again, many of you are excited and many of you are a little apprehensive, we have so many things to explore and lot of questions to answer! If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch, anytime.

🌿What are the cleaning regulations at the Leisure Centre?

+ The centre and studio have a strict cleaning routine. For gym users and swimming you book a session slot, half an hour before and after your slot they close for cleaning. The studio has a 15 minute gap between every class for cleaning, you also have lots of wipes and sprays for cleaning our own space if we need to. The whole centre has every member of staff on cleaning duty, every half and hour.

🌿What is the capacity for classes? 

+ The studio had 25 spaces for participants, plenty of space as the hall normally holds 60 (remember the good old days)! You have a little marker where you can place your mat, you won’t need to do anything, your mat is your safe place, as it always has been! 

🌿 Do we need to be members of the leisure centre to do a class.

+ You do not need to be a member to book, you can do a drop in class and pay on arrival (if there is space, I always recommend calling, 01562 515151) If you are a member you can book classes and other sessions via the Places for people app. Remember classes are limited to 25 places. 

🌿Are the changing rooms open? 

+ The changing rooms are open, limited to 4 people at a time, the lockers within the changing room are not in use, but the ones in the corridor are. Showers are in use but priority for those in need, it’s recommended you come to class, class ready, so you can turn up, enjoy class and leave. 

🌿What can I bring to class?

+ I would love you to bring your own equipment! This is allowed and highly recommended, not just because of the Covid-19 situation but in general. It ensures you’re on top of your own responsibility, personal hygiene and practice! You can find the links to mats, bands and balls here:

Within the studio at the centre you cannot use the blocks, straps..anything that was in the cupboard.

🌿Will you be running online classes along side studio classes?

+ I am happy to confirm I will be running classes online and in real life, as we move through this new week ahead we don’t know what it around the corner, so it’s lovely that I have the chance to adapt with the times. You can book the new online classes from Monday 10th August. 

Ill be adding to this list over the next few weeks to keep you all updated!

V x


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