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Candlelit Yoga & Sound Bath - This Saturday

This Saturday!

A deeply restful practice to help you relax the body and mind. Enjoy a slow and gentle yoga practice with mobility, slow stretches and supported postures. Be guided through breathing techniques that will bring calm and clarity to the mind. Candles, fairy lights, flowers and gentle soothing sounds as you are guided into a full body relaxation meditation. I will be guiding a soft spring inspired sound bath, relax to the sounds of singing bowls, gong, chimes, drum and all things to allow the imagination to unravel. A soundscape that will unlock the mind from repetitive thoughts, let's rest and reset.

SATURDAY 23rd APRIL 7.30-9.00pm

£15 per person

The Oaks Community Hall, Kidderminster, Worcester Road, Harvington.

Bring your yoga mat, warm blankets and pillows, comfortable clothes, socks, hats, sleeping bags, Anything & everything that can offer you warmth and a sense of cocooning. Just think, a cosy safe space to truly relax!

V x


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