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Carrot & Turmeric Soup

It's time to share another recipe with you! A simple Carrot soup with sweet potato & turmeric. I have been making up so many creative soups that by the time I come to write them down I have forgotten half the ingredients! I love combining simple flavours, adding spice and just seeing what appears. Sometimes I think we can over complicate recipes and miss the basic foundation of good natural flavours.


x1 bag organic carrots

x1 sweet potato

x1 chopped leek

x2 cloves garlic

x1 tbsp goats butter (or your fave alternative)

x1 handful unsalted whole cashew nuts

x1 tsp turmeric

x1 tsp cumin

x1 veg stock cube

(Use organic as much as you can!).


1. Chop your sweet potato and roast without seasoning. Once its cooked it will be nice and squishy!

2. While the sweet potato is roasting, cut the carrots and bring to a boil. Cook until soft.

3. In another pan, add the butter, leek, garlic (maybe grated) turmeric and cumin. Bring to a low heat and allow the leeks to sweat within the spices. YUM!

4. Once the carrots have cooked, we add the vegetable stock cube. I literally put the stock cube in the water I boiled the carrots in. Stir, then add the leeks, garlic, the roasted sweet potato and raw cashews. Give this all a good stir.

5. As the separate ingredients are all cooked in their own wonderful way you can blend straight away. I scoop out half the 'stew like' mix and put it in the blender. I then top this up half way with more water. Blend and you're halfway there. Do the second half of the batch and you will have a huge helping of creamy carrot soup!

6. Once blending begin to add your seasoning, I never add any! Sometimes a little chilli oil is amazing for extra heat, adding a few chia seeds or sunflower seeds gives a nice crunch.

Grab some rye bread or your favourite sour dough and enjoy!!

V x


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