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Day 11 - Cowface Pose #wildlove30days

Day 11 of the #wildlove30days yoga challenge

A deep hip opener that stretches the outer hips and glutes, great for those suffering from aches and pains within the pelvis and lower back. It's a familiar pose but that doesn't mean it comes easy, this is a posture that needs time, patience and a few props to guide you into a calm space amongst the discomfort.

Cowface Pose (Legs only) - Gomukhasana

  1. Starting in a seated position with the legs extended forwards, bend the left knee up to the chest.

  2. Cross the left foot over the right leg and slowly walk the left foot up towards the RIGHT outer hip. As you move the left foot towards the outer hip the knee will begin the lean forward, you can place a pillow under the lower leg, this can be the first variation. (see photo with the block).

  3. Moving a little deeper we encourage the knees to line up, this may take years as this movement comes from a deep rotation from the joint of the hip, so find a variation that is suitable.

  4. On an exhale soften into the pose by relaxing the upper body, you may even want to lean forward to find your 'edge'.

  5. To move into a deeper variation, lean to the left and bend the right leg (the leg that was straight) and guide the right foot towards the left outer hip.

  6. You will have opposite heel towards opposite outer hip, breathe and relax the weight of the pelvis and belly.

  7. Stay here for as long as you feel happy to do so, its a strong and deep posture so its okay if you find this one a little overwhelming!

Tips & Adjustments

- Elevate the pelvis by sitting on a pillow or block

- Work into the posture with space, not force.

- If interlacing the legs feels to much (especially on the knees) keep one leg straight.

- Why not look up the full variation with the arms included!

- Use pillows or rolled up blankets to support between the legs if you find the knees have a lot of space between them.

+ Stretches the outer hips & glutes. + Opens the hips and increases range of movement + Grounding posture + Opens hips and shoulders

✨ Take a photo of your posture and share it on Facebook/Instagram with the tag @wildlove_yoga #wildlove30days



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