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DAY 12 - Plank Pose #wildlove30days

Day 12 of the #wildlove30days yoga challenge

Plank Pose - Kumbhakasana or Phalakasana

  1. Starting in a table top position align the shoulders over the wrists, press the floor away and allow the upper back to broaden.

  2. On an exhale hug your lower ribs in and draw your belly button in towards the spine.

  3. If you feel strong and engaged this can actually be your plank posture.

  4. Moving a little deeper with the knees still on the floor walk the hands forwards so they are not under the shoulders any longer.

  5. On your next exhale shift the body weight forward so the shoulders align over the wrists once more and your pelvis aligns with the shoulders. Be mindful not to let the hips 'sink' but rather use your core to suspend the pelvis where it is.

  6. Final step, start back in your table top. Engage core, push the floor away, broaden upper back and stretch one leg back, tuck the toes under and push through the heel.

  7. Exhale to step back with the second leg, your bum will NOT lift and your hips will NOT sink!! Maintain this even balance between the hands and feet, push down, press back, draw in!!

  8. 5-10 deep breaths in which ever variation you choose!


- Bring the knees to the floor, you DO NOT need to have the legs straight to strengthen your core.

- Support under the heel of the hands if you feel wrist discomfort.

- Why not try it on your forearms?!

- Keep a straight line from shoulders to pelvis.

- Align wrists under the shoulders.

- Draw your belly IN!!

+ Strengthens the core.

+ Strengthens the arms and shoulder girdle.

+ Stimulates the liver and kidneys.

+ Improves digestion.

+ Helps improve posture.

+ Releases upper back discomfort (by strengthening!)

+ Eases fatigue and stagnant energy.

✨ Take a photo of your posture and share it on Facebook/Instagram with the tag @wildlove_yoga #wildlove30days

Have fun and enjoy!

V x


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