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DAY 13 - Wide leg forward fold #wildlove30days

DAY 13 of the #Wildlove30days yoga challenge 🌿

Moving into the realms of hip flexibility, leg strength and balance, this is a posture that takes time and not only builds strength and flexibility but helps us connect to patience and acceptance. Each day our bodies (and minds!) will fluctuate and its important to honour the postures we find the most difficult, for me this posture was a pose that I found so incredibly hard and difficult, with time, patience and kindness my body has allowed me to create space and I actually enjoy it now!

Wide Legged Forward Fold - Prasarita Padottanasana

1. Start from a standing pose and allow the feet to part, 3 quarters length of the mat. Heels guide outwards and toes in, offering internal rotation for the thigh bones. This can vary for every one so find a comfortable opening for the hips as you pivot forwards.

2. The legs are straight and encourage the upper body to lean into the full surface area of the feet, especially the toes.

3. Resting the hands on the hips, inhale to lengthen and lift the heart, as you exhale slowly bending forwards from the HIPS, be mindful you're not bending from the waist, this will cause the spine to round, taking the stretch out of the legs and hindering the spines strength and alignment.

4. Find a depth that suits, you can move the hands to rest on the thighs, shins, ankles or floor, I love holding on to opposite elbows and hanging, relaxing my neck and face.

5. Soften the heart and relax the head completely, enjoy 5-10 long breaths, if you feel you want to stay here longer go for it!

6. When lifting up out of the pose press the feet down, engage the thighs, if you feel you would like to bend the knees you can. Strong inhalation to lift all the way up to standing,

well done!

+ Relieves stress and calms the mind as it's an inversion.

+ Strengthens the legs, ankles and feet.

+ Stretches the hamstrings, inner thighs and hips.

+ Relief from neck and shoulder tension.

✨ Take a photo of your posture and share it on Facebook/Instagram with the tag @wildlove_yoga #wildlove30days

Have fun and enjoy!

V x



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