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DAY 16 - Warrior 2 #wildlove30days

Day 16 of the #wildlove30days yoga challenge

Warrior 2 is a strong posture that strengthens the legs, opens the hips and instills focus and discipline. It is part of a sequence of poses, Warrior 1, Warrior 2 & Warrior 3 that can be explored in their very own sequence! There is a wonderful myth behind these postures, ill share it with you soon, until then, lets get practicing.

Warrior 2 - Virabhadrasana 2

  1. Starting from a standing position in the middle of the mat (facing a long edge!)

  2. Step WIDE about 3/quarters of the mat.

  3. Turn the left foot towards the front (short) edge of the mat and the right toes to face the right (long) edge of the mat.

  4. You will notice the hips shine open to the right hand side, have a little wiggle to notice how the pelvis can adjust the rotation of the thighs, knees and even impact your feet.

  5. The hips are open but you do not need to be forceful.

  6. Inhale to reach the arms out wide, palms facing down, hands and elbows inline with the shoulders.

  7. On your next exhalation sink and bend into the left knee, the knee and ankle are inline and the left thigh is parallel with the ceiling (eventually).

  8. Press down with the soles of both feet, you can even think of pressing them towards each other to strengthen through the inner thighs.

  9. Shoulders stay floating over the hips, sometimes we may lean forwards with the front hand and even drop the back arm, remember this is a strong and focused pose with everything turned on!

  10. Gaze at the front hand middle finger, stay calm, breathe and test your resilience.

  11. 1 minute hold each side!

Tips & adjustments:

+ A chair can be used under the legs to find more depth & support.

+ Bring the stance closer to align the hips

+ Press down through both feet.

+ Challenge yourself and old for 1 minute!

✨ Take a photo of your posture and share it on Facebook/Instagram with the tag @wildlove_yoga #wildlove30days

Have fun and enjoy!

V x


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