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DAY 24 - Side Lunge #wildlove30days

Day 24 of the #wildlove30days yoga challenge

A playful posture that can be used to transition around the mat! This can be a fluid posture to connect to the Sacral Chakra and awaken the hips! Its builds strength and tone within the legs, glutes and hips, it can also test your balance, focus and coordination.

Side Lunge pose - Skandasana

1. Starting from standing, create a wide stance on the mat with the feet falling into a natural alignment.

2. Rest hands on the hips or in prayer to the heart centre and slowly begin bending into the right knee, left leg is straight, trust and explore the posture by moving deeper and deeper.

3. The heels can lift, the feet can rotate, you can lean forwards or even bring the hands to the floor. Find your edges here, acknowledge your strengths and your weaknesses.

4. As you become stronger and more flexible you can bring the hands to the heart, testing you balance see how low you can sink the pelvis!

5. A strong but more stable variation is resting the forearm on the 'bent' leg side. This will help you to stay focused and can be a softer variation on the hips and knees.

6. Once you find your balance and a layer you can maintain, stay within it for 10 long deep breaths!

+ Strengthens the legs, mobilises the hips.

+ Builds focus and balance.

+ Strengthens the ankles and feet.

+ Deep opening for the hips.

+ A grounding posture that also connects to fluidity within the Sacral Chakra.

Tips & alignment:

- If it feels to invasive on the knees this can be accessed like a leaning Goddess pose, bring the forearm onto the bent knee and maintain lots of height!

- Bring the hands to the heart centre, close your eyes!

- Sink down and rest the bum on the floor.

✨ Take a photo of your posture and share it on Facebook/Instagram with the tag @wildlove_yoga #wildlove30days

Have fun and enjoy!

V x



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