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Family Yoga - Cancelled

Hello my loves,

I'm so sorry to cancel last minute but Gus is unwell, I have him a week on and a week off and only picked him up from school today and he's not feeling well. He's got a bad chest, a terrible cough and despite us wanting to do the session I only feel its right to cancel as he needs to get better and I do not want to risk passing anything on. 

He's so sweet, he's cried his eyes out saying he doesn't want to let you all down but I have explained that his kindness is that you don't get his poorly germs and we can see each other in April.

If you have booked you will have received an email, due to tomorrow's session being cancelled I am more than happy to refund you, or move you to our next date in April which is held at Arley Arboretum on Wednesday 3rd April for Easter.

Please let me know and I will either transfer your booking or process your refund.

Thank you for your understanding and my apologies again,

V x


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