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Full Moon in Cancer Shines its Last Light in 2020

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

So as we enter the final days of 2020 Lunar shines her very last full moon light for this year and what a year its been!

At 3.28am GMT Lunar will reach her maximum power and in the watery sign of Cancer she draws us back into our heart. Physically, Cancer as a sign connects to the chest, arms and hands and all that is within this space. She is our mother moon and signifies nurture, home, family and love. Emotionally Lunar has the power to stir things up and its best to take time to really feel right now. This may be hard but it is only a process and is needed to help us to heal. In this sign Lunar is truly at home and she asks us to find our place in her home too. She stretches out her arms and wraps them around us in a warm embrace, almost comforting us as we leave this challenging year behind.

As with all full moons this is a time for release and celebration. But this is no normal full moon. Lunar silvery light is strong now and she calls us to release everything that is no longer serving us from this year in particular to enable the healing to begin. This brings the perfect opportunity to release and replace. Whenever you release negative energy it leaves a space in your body that needs to be filled. So my advice is to fill it, fill it with gratitude and the things that you love.

During this full moon time Chiron the Shamanicka of Zodiac will be in a T square to Lunar and will activate our deep wounds. Chiron’s purpose is to illuminate this inner wounding and enable us to transcend it, beginning to heal. Currently in the Aries Chiron links to our greatest wound of all, our identity, perhaps making us feel inadequate, ashamed and unloved. Being unable to express ourselves and be who we want to be is truly challenging for us all but recognising this is part of our evolution and can lead us forwards on our journey through this lifetime. Lunar will highlight our deepest emotions linked to how our identity can shift into its highest expression, whilst we release all that is holding us back.

We all know that times are changing and we are by no means out of the woods yet but the new era and beginning of the age of Aquarius has opened up a new portal and new stella star light codes are being embedded within earth and us all. This is truly the time to let go and embrace whats to come. As we transition from this year to the next take time for yourself and allow Lunar to illuminate your path. There are many things to be thankful for and Lunar will shine her light of love on us all.

Cleansing Bath Practice. As Lunar rules water and is sitting in her own sign of Cancer taking a cleansing bath is a perfect practice to complete over the next couple of days. Make sure you can take your bath in a sacred space. By this I mean having your personal sacred items around you. Light candles, listen to soothing music, crystals, anything you feel can support you to raise your vibration. If you have some bath salts use these to keep the water clear as possible and if you have any blessed water (eg. Chalice well water) you can also add a few drops to your bath. As you lie immersed in the water, ask the great star mother to help you release anything you no longer want to carry through to 2021. You can speak these aloud if you feel comfortable. Let the water and Lunar’s light wash away the negative. Enjoy the self care and take time to relax here. When you feel you are complete empty the bath and rinse throughly, perhaps visualising all you have released draining away. Once you are dry remember to replace what has now gone. Maybe write a gratitude list or see yourself filled by the light of the moon.

Invocation Oh lunar love, shine your light on me. Give me the strength to stand in my identity. Release my fears and dull my shame, I know with your love I can never be the same. Hold me close in your warm embrace and bring me light to move forwards from this place.

Please feel free to reach out if you need support during this time. I am currently still offering my Stella Star Story Medicine readings at a discounted rate for those interested and still have 2 spaces available for January 2021.

I an sending well wishing stella star blessings for this full moon and new year to you all

Much love

Rebecca Yoga Fae Star Priestess xxx


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