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Harnessing your inner potential

Harnessing your inner potential ☀️

We are here and loving every moment, I don’t plan to be sharing on here much because, well, we are embracing every moment!! One thing that did wander around my mind before falling asleep last night was how much I’ve learned along the way to get here.

This isn’t my first solo trip with Gus, however it is my first solo trip abroad with him. Travelling with him lights me up knowing that he gets to experience new places, culture, people and the beauty of the world, he is the best company and he has taught me the power of personal potential, as a person and as a mother.

When he walked down the stairs at 3am on the morning of our flight smiling, beaming behind tired eyes his excitement filled me up. I was excited but had ruminating anxiety and fear about flying, something I’ve had for years (or forever?!) and it was getting in the way of me being able to think straight, organise myself or function properly on the days counting down. I recently listened to an amazing podcast by @melrobbins and they talked about fear being physically felt and spread around the room, fear breeds fear, positive breeds positive, I knew I needed to delve into myself and find comfort in the discomfort, move through the waves of being in the process, observe my thoughts and actions and be fully present.

Before leaving I got organised, I found it overwhelming sorting myself & Gus when I had the anxiety bouncing around my mind, it made me realise  that we would all gladly not do something and put things off because it’s ’too much’ all because our mind told us so. Our mind, not our body.

I watched my mind prepare for the worst BUT I also watched my mind living out our fun, the sunshine, the sea, the whole trip. I chose the positive sunshine side, I chose to move through the discomfort to grow, I chose to embrace adventure, I chose to move through something I’d never done before. As soon as you take the step you realise it’s not so bad, I let Gus ‘present’ energy be fully open and it was inspiring. Realising that a child has so much more awareness, that they are wiser than we know, they see the world as it is with innocence and inquisitiveness.

As we accumulate and collect the mental (not material) things in our adult life we notice how much it influences EVERYTHING, the ability to do things, the cycles, the fear, the reactions. When you give yourself time to work on yourself, however that may be (for me yoga & meditation) you can unravel the hard edges and observe the patterns, you also realise you can change the pathways, the emotions attached and open up, and I mean open up in such a way that you’re softer, easier on yourself when a wave of discomfort comes, that you can see things clearly and kindly remind yourself ‘you’re in your head again’.

All of this process will take time, it’s a learned process, a practice, the opportunity for personal growth starts with your ability to watch clearly your ups and downs, feel them and make friends with them.

After watching myself for a while as the plane took off (this is when I have the worst anxiety) I chose the pathway of positive, I watched Gus, I emerged, completely present and noticed that it’s a normal external experience I was in, yet I had been in a spiral of internal discomfort.

We played, we drew AND I looked out the window for a very long time!! I realise how far I’ve came and can only thank myself for that, the work I’ve done on myself to be more human, to be more present and to step into the most authentic version of myself each day.

You have a choice to move in any direction in life you want. Harness your inner potential.

Be kind to others as you cannot see what’s going on within their mind.

Observe a child’s playful heart and kind, you can learn a lot from it.

Ps, sound cancelling ear phones are an absolute game changer. ✨

Sending you love,

V x


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