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Healthy Chocolate Crispy Squares

This is a seriously good take on rice Krispie cakes! I can remember making them often as a child so getting the chance to make the adult upgrade is the best feeling! These chocolate crispy squares are so tasty, perfect for all the family and packed with the good stuff. Boxed cereals often carry a lot of unwanted sugars so using puffed rice as a supplement is a great alternative. I ordered mine online as I searched the local health stores to no avail!

Need a sweet treat in the day? Want a snack with your cup of tea? Want to treat the kids but mindful of their sugar intake? Look no further!


x2 1/2 cups of puffed rice

x3 tbsp coconut oil

x1 tbsp agave nectar

1/2 bar dark cooking chocolate

1/3 cup sunflower seeds

1/3 cup mixed chopped nuts

1/3 cup honey flaked almonds

x1 tsp vanilla essence

1/4 tsp cinnamon

x5 twists salt


  1. Add hot water to a saucepan and place in a heatproof bowl. Add the coconut oil & chocolate to the bowl and stir gentle while it melts.

  2. Once the chocolate & coconut oil have melted together add the agave nectar, vanilla. cinnamon & salt. Keep stirring gently.

  3. Once you have the liquids all mixed it's time to add the solid ingredients, stir in your sunflower seeds, chopped nuts and honey flaked almonds (because of the sweetness from chocolate flaked almonds will also work!)

  4. Stir through and finally add the cups of puffed rice, make sure everything is coated!

  5. Make your own judgement when adding the puffed rice, too much and your squares won't stick!

  1. Line a baking tray with greaseproof paper and pour in the mixture, flatten across the tray and then place another greaseproof paper over the top. Press down firmly!! You want to squish all the holes and gaps in the mixture!

  2. Place in the fridge for about an hour.

  3. Take out the fridge and slice through your squares, you can even give one a try!

  4. Store in the fridge and enjoy!! Be mindful they will fall apart at room temperature as its the coconut oil that sticks them together!

  5. Have a great time eating these and I bet they won't last a day! (Ours don't!).

They have a wonderful light crunch, perfect for a snack or a sweet treat any time of day!

Look out for the upgraded version coming this week, extra nutty!

Lots of love,

V x


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