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Instant miso soup recipe

Updated: Feb 11

Yep, you can make the quickest and most delicious miso soup at home, sometimes we all like convenience meals, this one is ready within 5 minutes and its seriously good for you.


x2 pinches of dried seaweed (Sea vegetable salad)

x1/2 Spring onion

x1 sachet miso easy soup (Itsu)

Hot water



  1. Add x2 (or 3!) pinches of the seaweed to a bowl.

  2. Add the miso sachet to the seaweed.

  3. Top up your bowl with boiled water (how ever much you plan to drink!)

  4. Add your chopped spring onion(s) and stir through.

  5. Leave the soup to stand for 4-5 minutes so the seaweed can rehydrate.

  6. Enjoy!

It really is THAT easy. Tight on time but need something light and tasty? Give this a go!

All ingredients can be found at local supermarkets, tesco have a big range of great oriental brands!

V x


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