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It's not all what it seems

When we give ourselves the time we can flourish into our body & soul. We need to move away from the wild and loud world of visual representation and feel deeply into ourselves, maybe it’s being an Aquarius that I have no trouble distancing myself from the ‘norm’ trends and opinions seem to fly right over my head. I’m a good listener, I forgive every time and I will hold anyone close to allow them to be themselves and be their own person. I can truly see the potential in everyone, and also what may be holding them back. The past two weeks we have worked with our solar plexus, that inner fire that allows you to create change in your life, it allows you to make healthy boundaries, it allows you to shout yes and also no. That drive within you to be confident in who you are and what you share we the world, it’s not ego, it’s truth.

The centre of the body, the core is where it dwells, I’m sharing my energy with you here...right now in my life I couldn’t feel any stronger, I feel top of my game, I’m inspired, I’m unravelling the journey that is my life and relationships, I am the happiest and physically strongest I have ever been... ever. Saying that what you don’t see is a body that 'shows' it, the social norms surrounding beauty these days are completely warped. They influence how we think we should look, what we should wear, how we should behave, what our faces need to look like, and essentially how we fit in. I can remember growing up being the outsider because I didn't fit in, but I didn't want too! I'm still the same now, how can we move through life all looking the same, saying the same things, doing the same jobs? That isn't living!

A few years ago my students may remember my 'six pack', it was there in all its shining glory! Did the visual representation of my body tell you I was strong? That time in my life I was on a journey to self discovery, I still am and I think it's important that we all should be, what you actually saw was a stressed body from emotional overload from a difficult time in my life. My mind was exhausted and my body was showing the signs. Stress takes its toll on our bodies like you wouldn't believe, can you feel it? What are you doing about it?

Your body sends you all the signals, it yearns for conversation, just you and your body mind connection, are you truly listening? Over the ‘six pack’ years I practiced yoga but actually meditated more. So stillness what was I needed and not movement. It’s okay if you’re feeling motivated some days and not so much on others, surrender to the phases and shifts of life, consciously accept triggers and grow from them, allow your mind and body to lead the way not the overbearing social conformity. You are you, shine that light, don’t hold back, get your body out, shout from the mountains.

So next time you're feeling a little down on yourself remember It’s our actions that make and impact on the world around us, not what we look like. xxx

Don’t ever forget, you are simply a HUMAN. BEING.

All my love,

V x


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