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New Moon in Capricorn Rising.

So we make our way into the new year with its first new Lunar light in the sign of the sea goat. This is a powerful time and a reminder that everything is always shifting and changing. Following the great conjuction of Saturn and Jupiter at the Winter Solstice we are reminded that we are travelling together into a new era. Moving from the element of Earth (where both planets have met together in conjunction for the last 20 years) to air, where they will now dance in the revolution. Air brings us the gift of change and new information and this new moon will activate the new Aquariun frequency here on Earth.

At 5.00am GMT Lunar will once again renew her light for the beginning of her new cycle in Capricorn. Capricorn is the energy of the wise crone. She guides us through our structures and foundations asking if these are strong enough to hold us now? She is a cardinal energy which represents initiation and this makes this lunation a perfect time to set your new year intentions. Even if you have done so already, you can always revisit them to ensure your choices are based on your highest intentions. Capricorns planetary ruler is Saturn and with her recent movement into Aquarius we can feel this new energy of evolution for the collective awaken.

During Lunars renewal we will also have the energy of Mercury at play, who has made her journey to rest a while in the sign of the water bearer. She brings with her the gifts of vision and a higher perspective. Providing us with the information and potential to see the hidden truths. She asks you what it is you value now and how your values impact how you connect and work with those around you? Opening up the door to the collective and thoughts surrounding how you can support the wider community? She will begin her retrograde shadow just after the new moon and as always, calls us to re-think, re-learn and re-do in lign with the previous visions we may have had for this year ahead.

The planetary goddess of storm rebel air that is Uranus will station direct during the new moon phase. Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius and is currently in the sign of Taurus which represents our earthly pleasures and resistance to change. As with any planet that stations direct, she will halt her course which brings with it a burst of energy that will reverberate here on Earth. As she sits in close proximity to the warrior goddess Mars, who has now travelled away from her own sign of Aries where she has been comfortable for the last 6 months. In the sign of the bull that is Taurus the energy of both Mars and Uranus asks us to expect sudden erruptions of all kinds.

Lunars light will glimmer anew as she meets the planet of death and rebirth. Conjunct Pluto she draws us all the way back to beginning of last year where a previous meeting took place. It is worth asking yourself if you are still holding onto something from last year? What can you do about that now? That time has past and although many of us may feel as if that time was wasted due to the challenges we have all faced, it is time let go and move forward. This new lunar light is the time of transformation and vision. Think about how you can begin to transcend your current reality and walk the path of the new earth supporting and serving the collective.

I am wishing you all well with your intentions for this first new moon in Capricorn 2021.

As always, I am here to provide stella star support and guidance when needed. Please feel free to reach out.

Always let your soul star sparkle.

Rebecca Yoga Fae Star Priestess xxx


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