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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius ♐

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

We are welcoming in a new light source onto our planet. For sometime now many astrologers, empaths, spiritual guides, and leaders have been discussing the dawning of a new age and a new paradigm. This energy shift has already begun with the initial opening of the eclipse portal at the last full moon and the 12/12 portal yesteday. Now we are entering the next phase.

Tomorrow at 4.16pm GMT Lunar will once again renew herself in the sign of the great archeress that is Sagittarius. Not only that, but Sol will be engulfed by Lunars shadow as she moves between Sol and Gaia causing a solar eclipse. Although the UK will not be in the shadow of the eclipse path the energy will still radiate strongly. Eclipses have the power to ignite the energy of Lunar and in this phase, at the beginning of her new cycle, we are asked to create our intentions. However this is not just an intention for the coming month, this is an intention for the new year and the dawning of the age of Aquarius.

The Archeress is steadfast as she points her arrow towards her desired goal. She releases all that she no longer needs with the same release of the arrow and it soars towards her destiny. She knows that with her intention vibrating at its highest level, she has the opportunity to set herself free and reach her fullest potential.

Sagittarius is very much a sign of freedom and positivity. She holds the element of fire and brings us the motivation and drive to achieve our ambitions. As a mutable sign Sagittarius sits between the seasons in a time of transition and change. She helps us to find meaning in our lives and decide where we can progress. Aim, set and fire to fly towards the beginning of a new era. She is the seeker of the divine truth and sets us a path to explore the far reaches of our highest mind. As Lunar renews herself in her archeress form we are called to raise our vibration and choose our path of destiny ready for the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn taking place on the winter solstice next week.

A harmonious aspect between Lunar, Sol and Mars in Aries will illuminate the inner fire within us all to initiate the new, bringing with it the power to return to light as the time of solstice approaches. However, always be mindful not to act on impulse and without hast. With Neptune in Pisces squaring Lunar and Sol we may feel an element of fog decending. The Neptunial fog can create confusion and its important that we clear our minds before we create our new intentions, to be sure what we are choosing is based on our truth. Mercury will be conjunct this celestial joining of Lunar and Sol and she will offer us new information to enable us to make our choices more wisely.

Throughout this year we have been shedding our old skins and releasing what is no longer needed, watching as a breakdown of the old order occurs. Its time to emerge from the birth canal now and ascend to a higher dimension here on earth. One of solidarity and togetherness as we all embark on this ever evolving spiral of life.

I am sending you all well wishes and stella star blessings for this new moon solar eclipse in Sagittarius.

What can you do to raise your energetic vibration now?

What is your new intention at this auspicious time?

To connect with me further and to learn more about your own Stella Star Story please follow my facebook pages Well Wishing Yoga Fae Journey or Well Wishing Oracle.

Always let your soul star sparkle

Rebecca Yoga Fae xxx


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