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Oulo - Conscious Yoga Wear

Its a pleasure to be an ambassador for OULO, a yoga clothing company with the earth in mind. I love simple designs, Im all about texture and complimenting colours and Im absolutely all about supporting things I believe in. Im happy to be supporting OULO, a independent company that are in charge of how the create their designs, know what they are using and look after those who make and create in the workplace.

The designs are good for the planet! YAY! Sustainable tops and bottoms that are made from recycled polyester and nylon, and new to the collection are bamboo items, they are gorgeous.

The quality is beautiful, they fit wonderfully, are soft, flexible and most of all comfortable, out of the yoga clothing I have owned over the years I would have to say they are my favourite! (Seriously).

I sold 90% of my yoga clothing through lockdown, Ive minimised everything I own, I don't need all the 'stuff', but the stuff that I do have I value more, I want to have things that have a purpose, I want to use things that are good for the planet and my wellbeing. I teach yoga (and practice yoga) every single day so its nice to find a brand that I love and can support.

Im slowly building a small collection that I can wear and mix and match all of the time, I have the 'Down to Earth' top in brown & cream in size medium (Im a 10-12). I also have the long sleeve Aurore top in black. They are BEAUTIFUL! I think most of the tops come with removable padding which support and is helpful for the open back tops!

If you feel called to have a look see and find something you like please use my coupon code

'WILDLOVE10' for 10% off your first order! Please feel free to share the coupon with your friends and family too!

Let's make more conscious decisions into the things we wear, what we purchase and find items that will look after the planet, don't cost the earth and be so loved they will last a lifetime.

Send your love and support to OULO!

V x


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