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Relaxation Yoga Tonight

Yoga Relaxation

To rest. To be still. To find inner calm. This is something we all need to make more time for in our lives. This week I’m teaching mindful practices, to reconnect back to our primal senses, to see, to smell, to listen, to touch.

Something that seems so incredibly basic but somehow has fallen by the wayside as we fill our days up with to do lists, busy days and fast paces. We are moving so fast through life we are completely missing the point. I’m here to remind you to take a moment to breathe. To look and identify things around you, to feel your feet on the ground. To hold your heart and body and love it.

Find at little time in your day (2 minutes even) to close your eyes and focus on your breath. Let it’s be the stillness in the busy pace.

Tonight I’m teaching a newly named Relaxation practice 8.00-9.00pm online.

If you feel called to rest, to be still, to honour your emotions, to sleep.

Come and join me.

V x


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