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Seeking balance in tense times with super new Lunar in Libra

Tonight Lunar's light re-emerges as new in the goddess who is the scales of justice, Libra. At 8.30pm (BST) another Lunar cycle will begin and asks you to set your intentions from the deepest level of trust to seek balance in all that is. The moon is closer to the earth right now bringing in greater power to create these intentions and although you may have to wait 6 months, (the next Libra full moon) to see its manifestation, this is a powerful time and you are planting the seed. Make sure your intentions are coming from a place of love and light during these times of challenge.

We all know there is a lot going on astrologically right now and I am sure some of you have listened to your own intuition and sense of knowing, recognising that new beginnings can not take place without endings of some sort. Lunars current placement creates a tense Cardinal T square with the giants (Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter) still sitting in the sign of Capricorn and Mars (still in her underworld journey of retrograde) and Eris in Aries. This has manifested with the theme freedom vs restriction and this comes as no suprise with the current times we are living in. The breaking down of structures and life as we have previously known it continues, and with it the tension, frustration and irritation continues to mount. Mars is the closest to earth she will be until 2035 and she is pulling us to a place of  initiation. But will you initiate from the dark or from the light?

Mercury is also currently undertaking her retrograde journey and is sitting in the deep depths of Scorpio. This is an opportunity for the truth to be unveiled even in its most uncomfortable form. In her current opposition to Uranus these truths may even be shocking. Perhaps it's time for us to be ready to except the truth in all its forms and use it to create the new as a collective rather than fight against it?

The Libra Lunar energy will ask us to seek balance to harmonise these intense times, weighing our own hearts on her karmic scales of justice. How can you find compromise in your life now? How can you work in collaboration with those around you to create a new and better reality? Its important to remember we are all equal, we are all in this situation together and we can all create intentions to support a brighter future.

Using the Element of Air

Libra's element is air and you can use this to support the creation of your new intention. Breathe deeply into your body and take time to find your intention. Listen to the messages from your body as you breathe. You will know when the right intention has formed. Now with each exhale, send that intention out into the cosmos, visualise it and see it come into being. Stay with this intention and complete this practice for the next 2 days for the best desired outcome.

Goddess Guidance

Connect with the Egyption Goddess Ma'at and let your heart be weighed on her karmic scales. She represents truth, justice, balance and morality. She keeps order in the seasons and in the cosmos. Let her wisdom guide you to your true intention and maintain balance in your life.


Lady Lunar I call to thee. I ask you to guide me to balance all that I see, Hold my heart on your scales and let it be light, for you have the power to help me change what I might.

As always, if you would like more guidance or wish to partake in my new offering of a Stella Star Story Medicine reading, please get in touch. I am always happy to support you.

I am wishing you all well on this new super moon in Libra.

Stella star blessings of balance.

Rebecca Yoga Fae xxx


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