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Slow down, Quiet moments.

I wish there were more hours where we could spend quality time with our children, Gus has been feeling sensitive these last few weeks and we always make time (everything else purposely stops) so we can pause and talk. We have talked lots over the weekend, played, danced, read lots of books and have been physically close, where he can just soften into feeling safe, sometimes with words, sometimes without. He loves school but didn’t want to be away from me today, teaching children the concept of time is a difficult task but explaining different perspectives helps. I feel very lucky that we can spend more hours with him each day, we are creating foundations for our children to thrive, feel safe, supported and held. And we will do absolutely anything to create that environment.

When things are feeling difficult, loud, overwhelming or to much just try and create sometime to pause, fill yourself up with different perspectives, talk to each other, find physical sensations. Be there without words.


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