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International Women's Day & Mothers Day Gift - Free Place!

My darlings!

I have had a beautiful idea for international women's day & mothers day and would like to extend it with you and your loved ones. As ill now be sharing another sound bath at the end of the month id like to offer it as a gift to your plus one. I feel its important to give back, and do love to share as often as I can for nothing in return and for mothers day as a gift id love them to come along with you for free. So you book and pay for yourself and your mama can come for free, if not your mama, your bestie, sister, partner. Id love us to celebrate this energy with each other and feel not only it is a wonderful treat for your mom to enjoy but its the perfect chance for you to bond or spend time with each other. Be softened into a nurturing space where you can just rest and relax.

This will be a restorative gentle yoga practice (suitable for everyone) followed by a spring inspired sound healing session, restful, slow and guided in a way that supports you in that moment. Do what you can and also enjoy doing nothing.

You will be guided into a deep state of relaxation and calm with the live sounds of crystal singing bowls, gong, chimes and other wonderful soothing sounds. This practice offers an opportunity to rest and calm the body and mind. Allowing you to settle into the most beautiful rest to create deep healing. Within this session you will be guided through a gentle meditation and breathing techniques with accompanying live sounds which will allow the mind to unravel into a dream-like state.

Within these sound bath sessions you allow the body to heal on a cellular level, meaning the sound waves from the instruments work with the brain waves, moving through the layers of consciousness, when the body relaxes completely it can heal, when the Theta brainwaves are active the mind and emotional state can heal. If you are in need of a deep rest, time out, are a busy person with a busy mind, have difficulty sleeping, suffer from anxiety and stress or are interested in new ways to heal and promote self care you are welcomed with open arms.

This is a practice where you lie down for the whole duration, enjoy resting the eyes and letting the mind unravel, be guided with poetic teachings, visualisations, essential oil scents and personal sound scapes within the session. Crystal singing bowls, chimes, angelic song all play gentle roles within this session.

Saturday 26th March 6.00-8.00pm £20 per person +£2 booking fee

Areley Kings Village Hall, Stourport.

All participants will lie down wrapped in blankets, warm cosy layers and cushions and will be supported in the most comfortable cocoon. This is one of the most incredibly healing practices you will experience. Come and enjoy some time to rest, it's the greatest gift you can ever give yourself.

Please bring along lots of blankets, cushions, warm layers for the cosiest sleep and rest.

V x


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