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Thank you!

I would love to extend the biggest thank you to all who attended the first workshop of the year. It was amazing! Such a good energy and the focus was incredible, it’s been so wonderful to be able to teach in a more personal setting and get my hands on you! Thank you to beautiful @faithsyogaseed for sharing space with us and teaching us about the eight limbs. We will be doing a lot more over these next few months and if you’re interested a monthly Ashtanga class! Here’s to more gatherings and sharing, learning and listening, interaction and connection.

My next workshop is at the end of the month! A self care workshop helping you to build a home routine to keep your body and mind in check. Learn techniques for glowing skin & healthy hair, yoga for strength and flexibility. Journaling for gratitude and mediation techniques to stay presents in a busy life.

As we move towards Autumn this can be your go to each day to check in with yourself, relax and stay well!

All my love,

V x


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