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Thank you for being.

Grateful for creating sacred spaces, it’s been one of the busiest weekends but in the most beautiful energy of abundance and love. Despite a few set backs and blips the flow and love that appears despite ‘life’ creating hiccups allows us to find freedom and laughter. It gives us an opportunity to reflect that life is life, with all it’s ups and downs and essentially it’s our reactions that can either stop the flow or allow it to continue.

It's been so gorgeous sharing so many different modalities and techniques this weekend, and within all of these varying explorations it all draws us back to one thing, the yearning to reconnect back home to ourselves. It can take just one spark of curiosity or a desperate reach for that little something, the shoulders drop, the mind finds space and the breath is calmer. Thank you to the lovely souls Rebecca & Shasha for creating two beautiful (and hugely contrasting) sessions, their expertise and energy are such a wonderful compliment to my sessions, isn't it magic when we combine our passions together.

Yoga & self care is for everyone and I’m overjoyed that my sessions hold so many beautiful souls, from all walks of life, all ages, all abilities. That when we come together we are all one, we realise it’s not about the postures we can create, it’s the journey into layers, patience, dedication, acceptance and love.

Thank you for being here, you are loved and appreciated.

V x


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