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Timetable updates

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

As we embrace the gyms and leisure centre possible reopening the timetable will be amended and the studio classes will be back! This means that the timetable will combine online and studio classes again. I absolutely love teaching online but with studio classes in place this means they will have to be condensed down to 5 classes a week. I have not had any confirmation from the centre of a date, but as I like to be organised the future timetable will look a little something like this!

Thank you all for your understanding and your amazing support and attendance throughout all this time.


Lunch Express Yoga 12.15-1.00pm (ONLINE)

Pilates 1.30-2.30pm (STUDIO)

Gentle Yoga 2.45-3.45pm (STUDIO)

Yang & Yin Yoga 7.00-8.00pm. (ONLINE)


Power Yoga 8.00-9.00pm. (STUDIO)


Lunch Express Yoga 12.15-1.00pm (ONLINE)

Power Pilates 7.00-7.45pm (ONLINE)

Power Pilates 8.00-9.00pm (STUDIO)


Gentle Yoga 11.30-12.30pm (STUDIO)

Power Pilates 1.00-1.45pm (ONLINE)

Power Yoga 7.30-8.30pm (STUDIO)


Rise & Shine Yoga 10.00-11.00am (ONLINE)

Flow Yoga 11.45-12.45pm (STUDIO)

As we approach this shift there may be changes to the timetable, ie a specific Power Yoga class and a specific Yin class, as requested on my Facebook page, your feedback and input makes a huge difference so please get in touch with any ideas and feedback. Its always greatly received and the more I hear from all of you the easier it is to create productive changes!

Huge loves!!

V x



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