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Upcoming Self Care Workshops

I have two final self care workshops upon the horizon and they really are beautiful. An opportunity to spend time with yourself, to be guided through yoga, to enjoy meeting others, to reflect and to create new self care routines to bring into your day to day.

Next month Im sharing a workshop where I'll guide you through mindfulness techniques that will enable YOU to build a self care routine for yourself. I have soooo many ideas for this but have a few staple techniques that can be a real life changer. I'll still be guiding a lovely yoga practice but it will have snippets of postures that you can take away with you to practice at home whenever you need to, think of it as building your own short full body release session.

You'll also receive a self care gift box with hand made and hand picked gifts that will help you on this journey of self love and care. No sneak peeks for this one! Let's celebrate the changing of the seasons, let's use this slowing down time in nature wisely and soften into more realms of self care.

+ Setting intentions.

+ Yoga for your mood & body!

+ Breathing techniques.

+ Learn to not feel guilty about looking after yourself.

+ Time keeping.

+ Recipes for Autumn/Winter

+ Creating a sleep routine


Saturday 19th November


£20 per person

The Oaks Community Hall, Harvington, Kidderminster.



Within this self care workshop we are inspired by Winter!

A time to slow down, to connect to our inner calm and nurture ourselves in the colder months of the year. Self care is something within our lives that often gets put to the bottom of the priority pile. We find we get stressed more easily, we get triggered by the tiniest things, our patience becomes less and we then find ourselves in a vicious cycle of fatigue and overwhelm. Building a self care practice isn't to be looked at as selfish, it is necessary! Enjoy 2 hours of inspirational teachings, practices to calm a busy mind. Enjoy a deeply restorative yoga practice using cushions and blankets to aid rest. Be guided to rest and retreat into a space that offers nourishment from the inside out.

Saturday 3rd December

11.00am - 1.00pm

£20 per person.

Within this workshop you will:

+ Enjoy a guided meditation inspired by the winter air, calm cold starry nights, a space of calm and quiet.

+ Be guided through a restorative yoga practice to release physical tension and stress.

+ Be guided through a lovely Guasha (facial massage) ritual.

+ Take away a self care gift box with goodies from Neals yard, lush, your own jade Guasha, inspirational card and full moon cleansed crystal.

This workshop is open to everyone. Beginners to advanced, no experience is necessary, you will be warmly welcomed exactly as you are! Creating a yoga practice has many wonderful facets and very often starts from a place of self care before any of the physical postures. Come and explore, create a calm body and mind and enjoy celebrating Winter!


As this year comes to a close I will have some very beautiful practices planned for you, special yoga Nidra & sound bath sessions are soon to be announced and online winter classes! I cant wait to nourish your heart and soul over the next few months.

Thank you for being you and shining a light into my life,

V x


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