Vegan Yemista Stuffed Peppers

Updated: Jun 27

This recipe sure will leave you wanting more, just as spring has sprung we slowly start to get excited to different lighter food choices, some of you may already be on the salads and smoothies! This meal is versatile, you can eat it alongside a salad or add some roasted potatoes and bread to bulk it out to a full on hearty dish. The sweetness of the peppers with the tomato soaked rice is to die for. Im super happy with this and very excited to share it with you. My love for Yemista (pronounced Gemista) all started with my visits to Kefalonia, my favourite place in the world! So to recreate this brings a smile to my heart knowing that even if I can't be there in person (yet!) I can enjoy the flavours and feel of the land. This recipe is for 4 large peppers (depending on how you're eating it, one pepper per person usually does it.


x1 large tbsp coconut oil

x1 drizzle olive oil

x1 cup short grain brown rice (or medium grain rice)

x2 red onions - chopped

x5 cloves garlic - chopped

x1 finger chilli (optional!)

x1 lemon (or half a large!)