Wildlove Walks - Beinn A'Mheadhoin

It's as cold and as wet as it looks! This place was so surreal, untouched and wild. Don't let the weather put you off exploring, you really can capture the energy of the place when you get out of your comfort zone. The landscape was open, vast and never ending. Coated

across this robust grassland were tiny fluffy caterpillars, everywhere! So wonderful to see the colours of nature shining through, even in the rain.

From the beginning of the walk there was a clear path through the forest which interlaced different terrain and was a very steady gentle incline. This path then lead to a gate which was blocked and it seemed to be the end of the road! So we looked up the peaks to our right and just started free styling. There was no path (even though we had previously looked online for one) we climbed through the longest wet grass and boggy ground which would have added a long amount of time to the walk. We used landmarks (like rocks) for our bearings on the way up as it was misty, raining and getting windy. Once you found your pace it felt good to reach the top and take in the view, I can imagine this scenery would look even more amazing with the sun shining on it!