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August Newsletter - Open Hearts

Hey Wildling, I hope that the first few days into August are treating you well! That been said following the full super moon it may have felt like a turbulent time with lots of things going wrong, or overwhelm has made you feel a little clouded. Don't worry! Im here to offer a gentle reminder that life is full of ups and downs, that there are always going to be moments of turbulence, but just like todays weather (rain!) it too shall pass. Classes over the next month are connecting us to the Muladhara Chakra, where we can just take time to pause, stop, rest and be still for a while. The last few weeks have been gorgeous sharing more Yin practices and your feedback and love for them makes me smile so much! If you're coming to classes over the next few months, bring your blankets & cushions, lets make the most of calm & cloudy days. Ever felt like life was going so fast that its getting a little to busy to handle? Here's this months newsletter, sharing you dates for my upcoming workshops, my final outdoor classes and little snippets to keep you inspired. As like many people through the 6 week holidays, I have to create more time for myself & family to enjoy the no school routine! Ill be taking time off from Saturday 19th August - 23rd August where we can visit Wales and enjoy nature time. NEW FOR SEPTEMBER - Ill be offering Sound Bath sessions on Saturday and Sundays from September! Here are next months dates, workshops do fill quickly so book when you can :) Saturday 9th Sept - 11.00-1.00pm Inner Beauty Workshop - Face Massage. Saturday 9th Sept - 6.00-8.00pm Soulful Saturday Yoga & Sound Bath NEW! Sunday 10th Sept - 11.00-1.00pm Self Care Sunday in the Forest Sunday 10th Sept - 6.00-8.00pm Sunday Sleep Yoga & Sound Bath




You are invited to the most beautiful evening within the stunning grounds of Hopton Court. This session takes place within the Victorian Orangery within the gardens of Hopton Court, a naturally lit space that holds such a unique energy and resonance for the sessions. Be guided through a gentle yoga practice (with varying layers making the practice accessible to all) embracing the summers energy. Connection to the uplifting energy of the Solar Plexus. Inspire your motivation, creativity and self care. Settle afterwards cocooned in your blankets and pillows while you rest deeply to let the body and mind recalibrate. This is a session designed to deeply heal the body on a physical and mental level. After the yoga practice you will be invited to lie down wrapped in all your blankets and layers, once comfortable you will be immersed in sounds of crystal singing bowls, chimes, drum, rainstick, tuning forks, hand pan, gong and voice. You do not need to anything, just lie down and enjoy the most beautiful journey of sound to soothe the body and mind. Enjoy gentle breathing techniques to calm the mind. Release physical tension & aches with a guided yoga and movement practice. Rest in reclined for the most relaxing sound bath experience. Be surrounded by birds & wildlife within the most beautiful undisturbed location.

Relaxation Yoga & Sound Bath

Sunday 13th August


£25 per person

The Orangery, Hopton Court Estate, Hopton Wafers.


UPCOMING EVENTS Here are the upcoming events for this month, a little quieter than normal as we start to settle into the workshop schedule for Autumn! Be sure not to miss out on the family session if you have kids, its the perfect chance to connect to your children in a different way & also encourages their creativity & independence! Wednesday 9th August - 11.00-12.00pm Family Yoga at Arley Arboretum Sunday 13th August - 11.00 -1.00pm Self Care Sunday in the Forest Sunday 13th August - 6.00-8.00pm Summers Eve Yoga & Sound Bath @hoptoncourt Thursday 17th Aug - 6.00-7.15pm Outdoor Yoga at Bells Farm All sessions are personal immersions that really give you an opportunity to delve into the realms of self care and personal development. You don't need any experience, you don't need to do yoga, you just need a little spark of curiosity that wants to help you better yourself, improve your health and wellbeing, to gain a clearer mind and to live a more fulfilling life. You can find each individual workshop details and booking information on the workshop page, if you have any questions or worries please feel free to get in touch, anytime!


Self Care Sunday sessions are the most beautiful get togethers that help us to rebalance, reset and refresh our bodies and minds for the week ahead. These self care sessions are a staple within Victoria's offerings and even though they're only 2 hours long you will be filled up to the brim with many practices, techniques and tools to nourish your heart & soul!

Upcoming dates for the rest of the year:

Sunday 13th August - 11.00-1.00pm

Sunday 10th Sept - 11.00-1.00pm

Sunday 8th Oct -11.00-1.00pm

Sunday 19th Nov -11.00-1.00pm

Sunday 3rd Dec 11.00-1.00pm

+ Bookings can be made via the workshops page, all dates are on the listing.

+ Sessions are £22 per person.

+ The space is held indoors over looking the forest, disabled access & toilets available.

+ Parking is seperate.

Be guided through a morning of yoga, meditation, self massage, face yoga, sound healing and many more magical modalities!



Food for the heart!

As you may know, we love food and we love to cook fresh food and recipes from scratch that are good for the whole family. Gus has ate the same as us since being a toddler and he's now even preparing meals for us!

This is a super simple gnocchi recipe that good for people on the go, just grab a tin of butter beans, gnocchi & a bag of spinach! Lets go!



+ We have opened up our home to offer personal 1:1 sessions and they are absolutely wonderful! I am offering Ayurvedic Face Massage, 1:1 Sound Healing sessions and life coaching sessions. If you would like a session please feel free to get in touch, I have flexible availability throughout the months.

1:1 Personal guidance:

Weekly or monthly sessions can be booked individually or as a package. You have full guidance and support online or in person helping you to work on personal goals, ideas and individual health & wellbeing. These are sessions tailored to you on a personal level, working with elements of home life, work life, emotional and physical factors. Enjoy sessions that help you to create a more balanced life inspired by Yoga philosophy, Ayurveda, movement practices, yoga, meditation, eft, myofascial release, sound healing and Pilates. We can work on many things, even if its just rehabilitating an injury, somethings on your mind or you need a little support creating more of a self care routine.

£45 per hour.

Personal Sound Healing Session:

Enjoy a personal sound healing session within the attic space at Victoria's home. Rest wrapped in cosy blankets upon sheep skins for warmth and drift off into a sleep state & deep relaxation. You will be guided through a gentle breathing practice to settle into the space and embark on a 45 minute sound journey with crystal singing bowls, Tibetan moon bowl, gong, chimes and tuning forks. There are no hands on adjustments or movement practices, you simply lie down and receive. Sessions are nurturing and help to calm a busy mind, anxiety and stress. They aid in deeply healing the physical & mental body as it moves the brain waves into a Delta sleep state, a state in which the body can heal itself.

£65 introductory offer 1 hour.

  • Ayurvedic Face Massage: One of the most relaxing facial massages you can ever receive, enjoy a full facial massage working the meridian points, lymph drainage, circulation & muscle tone. We work with the full face, the ears, scalp, head & neck. Soothing equal strokes will help balance the body and minds physical & emotionally energies. Enjoy letting the body rest as you are guided through face massage with assisted stretches for the neck and shoulders. Dien Chan (facial reflexology) point are also balanced with gentle compression. £45 1 hour + Additional tuning fork healing can be added separately. Full healing package: You can indulge in a full experience of sound & massage within a combined session. These are wonderful to help balance physical and emotional chapters of life, working with a personal consultation before hand the session is tailored for your individual needs. 2 hours - £100.


Thank you for being here, for connecting with me, for reading, for listening, for moving with me, for laughing, for sharing and for being a part of the Wildlove family. Allow my connection to you to be a reminder that you can be beautifully human anytime and that when you attend my classes you are accepted and held just as you are. Thank you for your ongoing love and support, You are loved, V x


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