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Autumn granola recipe

Updated: Feb 9

I LOVE granola and over these past few months have been feeding my addiction and trying everything off the supermarket shelf. At around £4 a box and my servings being literally half of the box every morning I had a lightbulb moment, time to make my own and have a never ending supply! This is a great go to breakfast for autumn days, but a lovely dessert with a bit of yogurt anytime of year too.

The great thing about making your own is you can put your favourite ingredients inside AND there are no hidden nasties. Go for organic ingredients when you can and be mindful of the flavour combinations. This recipe for you is a big protein hit and is full of NUTS and SEEDS!

Measurements are cups rather than grams as Im a 'throw it in and see what happens' type of gal.


4 Cups Organic Oats

1 cup mixed seeds (Aldi) Sunflower, hemp, linseed

1 cup mixed nuts: Blanched almonds, hazelnuts.

x20 Pecans (whole or chopped)

1 tbsp Chia seeds

2 tbsp Vanilla extract

1/2 cup Maple syrup

1/2 melted coconut oil

1 tbsp Cinnamon

1 tbsp Turmeric powder

x7/10 twists of Himalayan rock pink salt.



Preheat the oven 180-190 fan oven.

Line a baking tray with baking paper and set aside.

Mix the oats, seeds, nuts and chia seeds together.

Once mixed evenly add the vanilla extract, the maple syrup and stir.

Add the coconut oil and ensure it covers every oat!

Sprinkle your turmeric and cinnamon and stir through, allowing the powders to stick to all ingredients, finally add the pink salt.

You will bake this is two batches, spread onto your baking paper ready for the oven. Make sure its not spread to thin as the edges will burn!

Put in the oven for 20-23 minutes, stirring lightly once.

Take out and leave the cool on the side for 45 minutes at least. As it cools it settles and allows the bigger chunks to stay chunky.

Bake the second batch!

Once both batches have cooled you can break up into any sizes, you will find the oats stick well in the mix and you'll have gorgeous baked seeds and nuts falling away into the bottom of the jar.

Enjoy your Autumn Granola mix!

My favourite way to enjoy is with St.Helens Goats yogurt, blueberries and agave nectar!

V x

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