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Basic Banana Smoothie

Updated: Feb 12

Let's keep things simple, If you're new to smoothies you'll soon realise that you can put SO many things in and get the benefits and nutrients in abundance. Ive called this the BASIC banana smoothie, or we could call it a beginners smoothie.... only because not all smoothies we drink are SUPER SWEET and delicious!! This is a smoothie that has natural sweetness from dates and bananas and plenty of greens to give your body and mind a boost.

Smoothies that are store brought may have added sweeteners so you'll find these smoothie recipes are filled with natural sweetness...which may taste quite bland if you're a sugar lover! The good thing is about replacing added processed sugars with natural sweeteners is your taste buds will change to eating a healthier diet, cravings for sweet and salty foods will become less and your body will be thankful for more fruit and veg rather than a high juice or strong coffee.

This smoothie is simple, its sweet and earthy and a great introduction to helping you implement more fruit and veg into your day. Remember you can always add more or less of certain things, fruit and veg don't have many calories so you can go wild!

Oh and this smoothie and any others to come is a full jug which is about 4 servings! (Thanks for pointing that out Nikki!)


x1 celery stick

x1 half of an avocado

x1 handful spinach (fresh or frozen)

x1 small bunch raw broccoli

x2 or 3 large bananas (we freeze ours!)

x10 dates

x1/4 chlorella powder (optional)


  1. You know what to do! Throw it all in the blender, add filtered water and blend!

  2. You can always add more water so be mindful to not over do it before hand, if you're using frozen fruit or veg remember they will add a nice smooth (and cold) texture.

  3. Find your favourite glass and pour away!

Let me know what you think, and if you're already a smoothie lover. Lots more to come so sign up to keep updated!

All my love, V x

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