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Dreaming into being with the Pisces full moon

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

Lunar is reaching her peak of fulness and is set to grace the skys with her deep watery magic in the sign of Pisces. The full moon will occur on Tuesday 2nd September at 6.21am UK time.

Connecting to the wheel of the year and the astrological wheel we are beginning to work with the energy of Harvest, but the Harvest moon will not actually grace the skys until October this year as she wll be the closest full moon to the Autumn equinox. This particular full moon is known as the Corn or Barley moon. As this time traditionally corresponds to the harvest of Corn and Barley. With the Sun/Sol in the sign of Virgo, we are asked to begin to sort the wheat from the chaff in our own lives and release what no longer serves for the highest good.

The sign of Pisces is a very yin based energy it calls us to be receptive, compassionate and turn our attention inwards to the magic of our dreams. Its watery essence takes us to the depths to enable us to create flow, going beyond polarity and seeing that everything is connnected to source and oneness. This lunar fullness is an antidote to all the yang energy surrounding us right now. She will help us to use our dreams and intuition to rebalance between reality and the mystical realms. Pisces is the most sensitve of signs and will connect us back to our emotions, but this can also easily lead to overwhelm if we are not careful. There is the potential for the truth to reveal itself at this full moon with Neptune the ruler of Pisces currently sitting in square to the nodel axis. Possibly more revelations and disclosures are on the way? Full moons are always a time for the light to shine on all things, highlighting that which needs to be released but also that which can be celebrated.

There are some very positive aspects surrounding this full moon and Lunar’s position in the cosmos is giving us an opportunity to dream our thoughts into being. She will be sitting in trine to the Sun/Sol in Virgo and Uranus in Taurus giving us humans the desire to be free and shining a bright light to awaken us all. This is not just any old trine though, but actually a grand earth trine which also brings the energy of expansion from Jupiter sitting in Capricorn. This is a very positive aspect creating the magic of manifestation power! Mercury is now also in the sign of Virgo and will amplify this potential to dream our thoughts into reality. It is important to focus on freedom of thoughts and choices now. Although we are still feeling the restrictions and power dynamics coming from the current planets sitting in capricorn, ask yourself where you can be free to make a choice now? It may feel like you are not in contol right now but we can all take control of our own thoughts. If you could use this lunar power to manifest something now, what would it be? How are you manifesting right now?

Embodying the Full Lunar Energy of Pisces.

Take a cleansing bath. Connecting to water during the time of full moons particularly whilst she is also in a water sign is incredibly powerful. You can use oils or salts in your bath or even just water alone. Gentle soothing music can also help to raise the vibration of the water. As you immerse yourself visualise the water cleansing your body and removing anything negative or stagnant. Let the water renew and replace the space. Notice if anything comes up for you whilst to rest in the bath. If you are unable to have an actual bath in water then you can aways have a moon bath instead. This is just as effective. Stand outside under the light of lunars rays and feel the light penetrating your body moving through and filling each of the Chakras (the body’s main energy centres that reside down the length of the spine) Again feel the light cleansing and releasing anything that no longer serves you and replacing it with positive energy.

Keep a dream journal. Pay attention to any dreams you are having now. Our dreams are messages from the mystical realms and can offer us solutions to our present situations and/or problems. Let this lunar light guide you to bring your dreams into being.

Finally remember your manifesting power! Be aware that your thoughts will become your reality. Choose wisely from a place of freedom. Write down your wishes and desires on a piece of paper and then release them so as to not hold any attachment to them. You could do this by visiting a near by river or stream and letting the paper float away. (please ensure you think about the environment when releasing anything into nature and make sure it is organic).

If you would like any further information and/or embodiment practises you are warmly welcome to join me for Your Moon body Yoga Workshop 7.30-9.00pm. September 1st 2020.

Sendng full moon in Pisces blessings and well wishes to you all

Rebecca Yoga Fae xx


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