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Grateful to be grounded

This weeks classes have been all about grounding, finding our feet and rebuilding our foundations to the earth. After a long whirl wind blew our schedules, routines, jobs and family life into a new realm of uncertainty, I feel it’s important to use this time to check in with ourselves, to notice how we feel physically and emotionally, are we still standing tall like a tree ready to face the next day or do we feel like we have been dragged through a hedge backwards?! Let’s find some stillness shall we...

Yoga allows us to learn, adapt and evolve with these changes, known or unknown. Unfamiliar and familiar, we grow through things that test us, and now as we step back into tiny spaces of freedom, our values, I hope, have changed. We have a new perspective on life and we, what feels like had/have been given a pause button on life.

For me personally I’ve used the experience in a positive way, I can’t express how much I’ve grown into myself because I’ve had all the time in the world, my connections with others and family is far beyond greater than it ever was before. The true meaning of care and making an effort, the true meaning of letting stuff go that we can’t control, the steps we take to become better people despite what is going on around us. I found a balance between being a mother and having time to be with myself, eating, cooking, gaining weight (which I have never been able to do). Really grasping at the fact we don’t need things to be happy, minimal and simple, food and creativity. Reading and walking, resting and actually doing nothing, revelling in sleepy mornings rolling around in bed watching travel documentaries, hearing the world rest outside.

Nature healed and I will never forget suddenly noticing the stunningly deafening bird chorus every morning at 4am, the peace in the air, the clearest skies, the stillness and oh so many butterflies. I had the realisation yesterday when I found myself surrounded by traffic, visualising the fog within the air, the need for ‘normality’ and the fast paced world that’s reappeared. i pondered on a little anxiety, that why would anyone want the world to go back to fast, fast, fast, here, now, do this, be that, get here, no, yes, stop, go, wow, I felt overwhelmed, a longing for peace as the world seemed so busy. But I remembered that peace is within myself and I can go back to it anytime I need, and here I am, a day on and reaching out for beautiful moments, cherishing my time with my son amongst a new work/family life routine. Move with change, be in control, take what you need, leave what you don’t. Live your life to the very fullest!

Remember you can take time to stop, to notice the small things, to listen to your words and others, to take a step back, to read and evolve, to love, to reconnect to the earth. 🌿

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Laura Gauntlett
Laura Gauntlett
21 ago 2020

This is so true, I found myself this week falling back into old habits from before lockdown, habits that I didn’t miss and didn’t want to go back to. It is amazing how the shift in the world makes it easy to move back into previous lifestyle ways. But I know that I have the choice to stop and change those things, to reflect and to take a step back as you say.

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