Hey May! Newsletter.

Updated: Jul 21

Hey May!

It feels so good to welcome May doesn't it?! Brighter warmer days, stunning Spring flowers and an energy in the air that aids our momentum and motivation. I know I can feel a fast pace of life has returned after lockdown has lifted but always remind yourself that you can still live life at your own pace, you can make decisions to help your progress in life and you can still take time out.

How can we make our May more mindful?

+ Start a self care routine.

We can always improve our self care routine, we just have to give ourselves a little time! Rather than going full force with changing your routine why not take a few things from the list and introduce them into the day or weeks ahead.

  • Water, water, water! Drinking warm water with a slice/squeeze of lemon in the morning aids digestion and elimination, improves skin health, neutralises ph of the body (the more sugar & sweetness we eat the more acidic the body becomes, the more acidic the body is the more our immunity is compromised).

  • Gratitude journalling. A nice thing to do in the morning or on an evening is journalling, this doesn't mean you have to write a book but simply write a few things that can help you stay on track. What are you grateful for? What have you enjoyed this week? What are you looking forward to?

  • Move your body. Why not go for a walk somewhere new? Try a new exercise or yoga class, walk or run with a friend. Try a new yoga style, what do you enjoy? Where do you find things challenging?

+ Eat with seasonal foods!

With the sunshine shining a little more often you may be more inclined to eat different foods! Im still obsessed with beetroot but drawn more towards cooler foods. Ever noticed in Winter we want to hibernate, eat warm meals and eat... a lot... Spring brings about more energy and your appetite may have changed, its so good for our bodies to mix up our fruit and veggies and lovely to eat seasonal. You will get the most out of the fruit and vegetables that are sown, grown and harvested in season! Buying local grown (and organic) veggies can make a big difference too!

Asparagus · Broad beans · Carrots · Cauliflower · Cucumber · Elderflower · Peas · Radishes · Rhubarb · Rocket · Spring onions · Watercress · Wild garlic.

+ Set some new intentions.

Every day you can start again, you can take a deep breath in and check in with yourself. I think its easy for us to get stuck in a bad mood, clouded by a heavy day or conversation and its also so easy for us to become over whelmed!

Each day this month give yourself the chance to breathe, if things become a little intense stand tall, shoulders back, big breath in...repeat after me..."IVE GOT THIS". Smile at yourself, smile at others and make a list of positive words or sentences. Go back to them when you want to, post one on your bathroom mirror, pop one on the fridge, even set one on your alarm clock!

+ Enjoy events, do more, be more.

I have to say it feels so nice to be able to do more, to socialise, to go to events, to enjoy family gatherings and to make the most of getting away, whether its in the UK or abroad! If you get chance to take a little break away go for it, make the most of those sweet memories and enjoy living life to the full! Check your calendar and book some things in, I booked to go away over Easter with Gus and honestly cancelled because I couldn't afford to go BUT I still took the week off (bar Tuesday) and Im so grateful I did.

This leads me to my new rejig in the timetable, I practice what I preach and I need more time to do the things I love! To create, to go away, to rest, to plan, to be a mom, to spend time with my Will & Gus, to go to events, to go to other teachers classes, to do different trainings, to fill myself up with all the things that can make me a better person and teacher!

DO the things you love, fill yourself up, adventure!