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NEW Monthly Yoga Immersion Workshop

Freedom Flow has been dreamed up for a long while and combines my signature flow yoga classes with the expertise of Myofascial techniques weaved through the session. These are running monthly Saturday mornings and will be open to all, suitable for those familiar with yoga who want to get the most out of their practice and deepen their personal development with attentive support and individual guidance from myself. I cannot wait to offer these sessions with you and promise you will feel a big difference from just one class, the magic of myofascial release is quite profound and once you start to integrate it into your practice you won't be without it!

Session details:

One of the most profound practices that will help you to release the body deeply, this is a one of a kind class with Myofascial release, flow yoga and guided relaxation. This delicious & DEEP practice releases the whole body and uplifts the mind! Within the session you will enjoy a mindful and flowing yoga practice to an upbeat and inspired playlist, creating more length and body awareness you will feel connected and gain the support of Victoria leading with encouragement to deepen your practice. You will explore myofascial techniques dotted throughout, an incredible facet to the practice unlike any other, feel and see the difference after just one class. This is one of the deepest practices to aid full body flexibility and range of movement and unique to Wildlove Yoga's offerings.


Saturday 29th June

Saturday 27th July DATE TBC

Saturday 7th September

Saturday 19th Oct

Saturday 16th Nov



£22.22 per person

The Oaks Community Hall, Harvington, Kidderminster.

(We may relocate to the forest in Autumn!)

+ Enjoy a practice working with the muscles, joints and connective tissues.

+ Myofascial release to unlock tension in specific areas.

+ Yoga to deeply stretch the whole body, increasing flexibility & improving range of movement.

+ Individual adjustments & guiadnce to develop your personal practice.

+ Enjoy a guided relaxation to integrate spaciousness and rest.

What is Myofascial release? Fascia is a fabric like web that surrounds and supports muscles, organs, bones and nerve fibers. It interweaves itself within the WHOLE body. This connective tissue does more than provide internal structure; fascia has nerves that make it almost as sensitive as skin. When stressed, it tightens up. It’s designed to stretch as you move and if we are doing repetitive movements that over work an area of the body, when we become sedentary and if we experience trauma like an injury/surgery even emotional this will cause the fascia to tighten around muscles, which can then limit mobility and cause painful knots, aches and tightness to develop.

+ Reduces stress & anxiety

+ Improves circulation

+ Aids sleep

+ Calms the mind

+ Improves range of movement

+ Increases flexibility

+ Aids in rehabilitating injuries

Please bring: Yoga mat, blanket, cushions, blocks, a sock.

For bookings and calendar dates book here:


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