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New moon in Aquarius magic

There is an electrifying energy that is building in the stella stars. With the activation of the Age of Aquarius we now have not just Lunar moon but 6 planets in her revolutionary sign! It’s not surprising that we are perhaps all feeling very restricted in our current times but Lunar always has some deep magic she is sharing with us all as she begins her brand new cycle. There is an influx of light appearing in the heavens and the new stella star codes are filtering through. Are you ready to receive her light?

At 7.05pm GMT Lunar will begin to reveal a slither of new sparkling light in the sign of the water bearer that is Aquarius. Although depicted holding water, Aquarius is a fixed Air sign but embodies herself in a cosmic sea of constellations within the celestial realm. She holds the energy of new beginnings, new eras and new ideas. She is the future and will desire to learn and grow by thinking outside of the box, with innovation and creativity. She is the technology and radical change. She draws us together in a collective force to rise up against the structures and routines that no longer serve the world we inhabit. How can we begin to embody her energy of renewal and share this light with others?

Joining Lunar in this magically active stellium in Aquarius we have the planetary goddesses, Saturn, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury and the Sun all sat in very close proximity to each other and activating energies of expansion, contraction, vision, knowledge, truth, light and Love. Sol and Lunar’s combined energy will encourage us to think big and have a desire to break free from the chains of our collective reality. Saturnia is continuing to break down our current structure and foundations, asking us what we need to release in order to find the innovative new ideas that will make our earthly home a better place for us all. Jupiter is driving us towards the need to be liberated and do things our own way. To be creative and perhaps go against the rules that are imposed upon us. Venus the goddess of love calls for us to release and open our hearts to space and freedom and Mercury currently in her underworld journey of retrograde asks us to reassess, re-do, re think and realign to connect into this powerful energy. Perhaps you are feeling a little scattered now, head in the clouds, unable to concentrate? This will make sense with all the air energy and it’s definitely a time to be gentle with yourself.

The Aquarian planets will also be creating a square with both Mars and Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) in the sign of Taurus and this hard aspect will come with its challenges igniting frustrations a possible uprising and collective need for change. On an Earthly level Mars and Uranus in Taurus do have the ability to shake things up!

With any new Lunar light this is the time to set our intentions for the coming month but something tells me this is much more powerful right now. The potential is that we can really influence not just to our own future, but also the future of the collective.

New Moon Magic Practices

• This energy will have a significant effect on the fixed signs (Leo, Aquarius, Taurus, Scorpio) and it will be useful to check in on your natal chart to see if you have any planets here and which astrological houses these energies fall in. I can feel her. I am like a caged lion, held back and tamed by the powers that be just yearning to be set free from this reality. Perhaps you may feel the same?

• Stand out in nature on this eve and allow the power of the wind to cleanse and heal your soul.

• Take time to write down your intentions. When we put pen to paper we are beginning to create form and shape in our wishes and desires. Once you have written everything down release your intentions through air. You can do this simply by speaking them out with (preferably outside under the energy of Lunar) through the power of your breath into the wind.


Aquarius is our stella star queen of the celestial cosmic sea. She spins her silver wheel of fate for us all. Call to her and ask for her guidance and support.

I call to thee oh mother of the stella stars bring me your wisdom from the silver threads that have been woven through time and space. I ask for your guidance as I travel on my path, walking in your light and illuminated by your stars so bright.

As always, this is my interpretation of the current energy signature of these astrological events embodying the energy of the goddess in the cosmos.

Please reach out if you feel you need any support or help to increase your understanding.

I am still offering my Stella Star Story Medicine readings and opening up spaces for March 21 so please get in touch to be added to my list or for more information. Also please keep your eyes open on my Well Wishing Yoga Fae Journey page for some exciting new updates and yoga class offerings.

I am sending you new moon blessings and well wishes

Rebecca Yoga Fae Star Priestess xxx


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