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New Moon in Virgo - Magic to make manifest

So the season is turning, the leaves on the trees are beginning to fall, the night is taking over the light and there is an autumnal feel in the air. Can you feel the turning of the wheel? A slight chill in the breeze? It’s time to begin thinking of those cosy nights in front of the fire and how we can gather what we need for the darker half of the year.

During this transition we sit under Sol in the astrological sign of the Earthly Priestess that is Virgo. On 6th/7th September 2021 dependant on where you are in the world, Sol will be met by Lunar moon in this devotional sign to begin her new cycle and shine her new light. This will be one of the most powerfully healing new moons this year and brings the magic of manifestation. Virgo is an Earth sign, she is grounded, practical and devoted, she can help us to bring our intentions to life by grounding them into Gaia’s body. She will call to you to sort the wheat from the chaff and be practical in your planning.

The most important thing is to focus on the best intentions surrounding what you need in your life to heal, so you can move forward with ease. Are there routines that need to be changed? Is there some extra planning and organising that may support life to run alittle smoother? Do you need to look after yourself better? As the earthly priestess Virgo guides us to practice these activities with devotion. As we change a pattern of behaviour or routine we must be devoted to making that transition or it will just fade away.

During this lunation, Neptune retrograding through the sign of the celestial fish is opposing both Sol and Lunar. She may bring some confusion and fog, but if we can stay on a positively focused path we can work with this magic in its highest expression. Neptune calls for us to connect with spiritual oneness, higher consciousness and intuition. Through Virgo we can be practical in this approach by participating in practices like yoga, Thai chi, chakra cleansing, sacred dance or meditation.

Even through activities like journaling and reading. Virgo is ruled by the planetary goddess Mercury and she is just stationing before turning retrograde at the end of this month. Mercury is all about information and communication, and with 3 other air elements active during this lunation, new information is important to support not only our individual intentions but also those of the collective. Virgo will enable us to be practical in knowing which information we need and which we don’t. So be mindful now where you are placing your attention and let go of sources of information that are not supporting you or the wider community. Perhaps we can all begin to think more about the health of this Earth and the small things that each of us is able to do to support her growth rather than her demise?

There is also a powerful trine occurring during this new moon light. With the planetary goddess Uranus in the sign of Taurus. Uranus is our stella star queen and she brings us a new perspective on the life we currently live. She may well bring some magic of change as we continue to move through this time of turbulence as the old order breaks away. She awakens us to the potential of the new earth if only we will listen and take the practical steps needed.

Can you align your intentions with these thoughts in mind?

The lover goddess Venus is also creating harmony during this new moon, as she rests in the sign of Libra in trine to Jupiter retrograding through Aquarius. She calls for us to expand by considering where we can gain balance through our practical work and our ability to care and support those around us. She will help is find joy and happiness even in times of struggle, so use this energy to help keep your vibration high and your worries low whilst you make your intentions for this new lunar cycle.

To see how these aspects impact you on a personal level look at the Virgo house within your own natal chart and any planetary energy that may be residing there.

Stella star new moon embodiment

With Virgo holding the energy of Earth, take yourself outdoors into nature to help clear your mind and ground your body. Put your bare feet onto the earth and allow yourself to connect with her. Be open to anything that may arise for you here and allow yourself to receive her healing. Think about how you can nourish yourself through nature. Use herbs, drink herbal teas and drink fresh spring water.

Starting a regular devotional practice such as daily sacred space, meditation, yoga or anything similar, supporting you to gain greater awareness through the body and higher consciousness will enable you to work with these energies in their highest expression. Keep an eye on my social media pages for more detail and information that may support you.

Goddess invocation

To the new light of Lunar, I ask that you guide me, bring me new wisdom and the knowledge to set me free. Guide my intentions from a place of value and worth, so that I may manifest them in the body of this earth.

This is my interpretation of the current story through the stella stars and the medicine needed to navigate these times in connection with the guidance of goddess. If you feel you need further support or assistance with your understanding then please feel free the contact me.

Sending stella star blessings and well wishes for this new moon in Virgo.

Rebecca Yoga Fae Star Priestess xxx


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