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New moon new beginnings

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

At 3.30am on Monday 12th April 2021 we open our arms and our hearts to welcome in the new light of Lunar as she comes into her brand new self in the sign of the Warrioress that is Aries. This will be the first new moon of the astrological year and she brings with her the fire of transformation. She will be sitting conjunct Sol (the sun) at 22° of Aries and will also be in close contact with the lover goddess Venus.

At any new Lunar light phase we are asked to begin again the same as she, as she journey’s through her Lunar cycle we are given a new chance each month to create our intentions and start afresh. The question here is what are your intentions? There are many cycles within the stellar stars as we walk through her spiral path this is not just the beginning of the moons cycle, but also the cycle of the astrological year. So now is a time to be considerate and conscious as we set our intentions as they will have the potential to manifest as we travel through this year.

In the sign of Aries, Lunar highlights the self and activates our emotions surrounding who we are and who we really want to be. Aries is a Cardinal sign and an initiator. She will awaken the fire within our bellies and our determination to succeed with our goals. Her shadow side may leave you feeling frustrated or easily agitated if things do not go to plan, so be mindful here to keep your energetic vibration high as you set your intentions. Aries ruler is the planetary goddess Mars who is currently sitting in the sign of Gemini and is calling for new information and new possibilities of communication to enable us to progress and initiate the new. It is always useful to look at the Aries House in your stella star story (natal chart) and see what planetary energy is residing there to enable you to translate how this may effect you on a personal level.

The lover goddess Venus will also be active during this new lunar phase as she sits at 26° of Aries. She will guide you into your heart to obtain the truth of your desires and ask you what it is you want to create now? Venus links to the sacral chakra in the physical body and she will help to awaken our need for nurturing a creative intention whilst the warrioress that is Aries, brings her fire to ignite it. However nothing is ever that simple and we need to be aware that there is one strong hard aspect that is bringing in the power to transform if only we are to embrace it. Pluto the dark goddess of death and rebirth is currently still holding space in realm of the sea goat that is Capricorn and is squaring the energies of Sol, Lunar and Venus. She continues to break down the structures that we have known and is focusing on the truth of our desires. How can you stay in your own truth of who you are by creating an intention that reflects what it is deep down that you really want? It’s important to remain connected to your soul now and release the ego self to ensure we are in alignment with our honest intentions.

Mercury is also in the sign of Aries during this Lunation and in sextile to Saturn, she can perhaps bring us new information that will enable us to understand how we can move through challenges to recreate new structure and routine in our lives?

Supportive new moon practices.

Get creative- Spend time being creative. It doesn’t matter what it is you do, just allow the internal fire to guide you and enjoy sometime connecting with your creative spirit.

Meditate- Aries links to the head in the physical body but we need to get away from logical thought and connect to the subconscious mind to gain guidance and clarity. Let your mind become still and visualise your creative fire burning within. As you visualise this fire notice the messages that come through the flames.

Intention setting- Find a piece of paper and write down your intention. Spend time in thought here and make sure it reflects your true desires of the soul and not the ego. When you have decided upon your intention take it to a safe place (either outdoors or in a flame resistant container) and burn it in the Aries fire. By doing this you are letting go of attachment to the ego and releasing your intention to the universe ready for manifestation.

Invocation ~ Lady Lunar with your new burning light, take my intentions and set them alight. Bring new truth into my life, so that my internal creative fire can spark alive.

As always I am here to offer support with your understanding and can help to provide insight surrounding your own stella star story (natal/birth chart). If you wish to know more please contact me.

I am sending you blessings and well wishes for this new moon in Aries.

Rebecca Yoga Fae Star Priestess xxx


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