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New moon solar eclipse in Gemini~ Honouring the light in the dark.

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

As we continue the journey through the eclipse portal we enter into the gateway of the new moon solar eclipse in the sign of the goddess twins that is Gemini. At around 11.52am UK time on Thursday 10th June 2021, Lunar moon will shed her new guiding light whilst Sols rays are obstructed to the earthly body. Eclipses are intense times and always powerful opportunities to have an energetic reset both within and without. This may feel like you are at a betwixt between moment and that it is time for a new beginning. Coupled with a new moon and Mercury retrograde this is a time to think deeply about your new intentions as this is the beginning of new cycle.

Gemini is a mutable air sign and represents our mind. If we think of our subtle body we can visualise its layers or Kosha’s. In relation to Verdantic philosophy, Manomaya kosha is our mind awareness and right now there is the potential to connect more deeply with the mind as Gemini opens up channels for new information. She will bring us the wisdom of both the light and the dark offering us new information and the ability to share and communicate new found truths. Her shadow can draw you into the rabbit hole and make you feel impatient with a wanting to gain more information, but she calls you not to threat as the knowledge you seek will come to you when the time is right.

As Lunar brings her new light in the placement of the goddess twins she will offer this new information to enable you to create your intentions on a much deeper level. Ask yourself what needs to be revealed and reset during this time? Is there a part of your shadow that needs to step forward and be released? She can show you what parts of yourself are hidden that need to be transformed in her new light. As the solar eclipse occurs an opportunity to reset and begin again becomes apparent. To understand how this may impact you personally it is helpful to look at the house in your natal chart ruled by Gemini. This will help you recognise what area of your life the new moon solar eclipse will influence. You may also have some planetary goddesses (planets) sitting under the sign of Gemini and if so, these will also be part of your own stella star story.

Mercury is the ruling planetary goddess over the sign of Gemini and as she sits within her own sign closely conjunct both Sol and Lunar, she continues her retrograde journey. Mercury in retrograde calls for us to look at situations from a renewed perspective, taking time to assess all the options first rather than rushing to make a decision. She asks us to look back into our past and revisit old patterns and connections to allow us to recognise how we can release old attachments and transcend.

During this powerful time Neptune in the sign of the celestial fish will be squaring the eclipse and calling us to let go of illusion and control. Feel back into your intuition and allow your dreams to guide you.

Stella star story medicine and embodiment~

If we can find ways to draw this energy into our earthly bodies we can start to integrate it and make powerful change. We are the bridge between the above and below and it is important for us to learn to embody the energy of the current story in the stella stars. Gemini relates to duality in the physical body. In particular to the nervous system, shoulders arms and hands. Mercury her ruling planet relates to the throat chakra. If you get the opportunity during this time, stand outside on the Earth under the celestial sky. Bring your feet equally underneath your hips. Lengthen the body and the spine feeling a sense of grounding through your feet and the expansion of your body towards the cosmos. Feel the air that is her element on your skin, breathe her air deeply into your lungs. Let the arms hang equally letting go of control through the hands. Notice the difference you feel in both sides of the body and the mind. Take this opportunity to speak your truth to new moon solar eclipse. Let what comes be in sincerity and allow the magic of goddess in the stars to guide you.

New moon solar eclipse goddess invocation~ As Sols light dims from sight and Lunar’s body brings new light, I call to she who will guide me in the night, supporting my new intentions from a place of truth to full insight. Lady of the ring of fire illuminate my path and support me to release my shadow to lift me higher.

This is my interpretation of the story in the stella stars. If further support is needed please feel free to reach out.

I am sending you all blessings of the stella stars for this new moon solar eclipse in Gemini.

Rebecca Yoga Fae Star Priestess xxx


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