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Updated: Jan 1, 2022

Well! You lucky pups get 4 new videos this week, Ive been working hard in the background amongst filming, teaching, being a momma, renovating Wills house and doing teacher trainings! You can now enjoy a new Pilates video, Gentle Yoga for the lower back, a playful arm strength flow practice and a guided body scan meditation. A wonderful variety to keep you inspired!

A 10 minute Pilates practice to keep your posture in check and work the shoulders and upper back! Pilates is a practice where we explore precise and controlled movements. Even though this is a short class if you're focusing correctly on the breath, the core engagement and moving the body slowly you can work seriously hard!

A much requested full body scan meditation/relaxation. Come and join me by the sea, enjoying the rolling waves as I guided you into your body. Perfect for anytime of day, but bedtime may be the best time... need a good nights sleep? Pop this on and you'll drift off.

A crazy flow! I know you love them! If you love coming to practice for a challenge this online video is for you, its full of arm strengthening postures and sequences. Thrown in you will find an arm balance ... Eka Pada Koundinyasana for short... and wild thing, pure fun and heart opening!

A gentle yoga practice to release the lower back and hips. This is a seated practice that moves slowly and gives us chance to settle into the poses. Working with postures that help to build strength and flexibility within the hips will help us find more freedom of movement within the lower back.

Want to view the videos anywhere, anytime? You can sign up for the video subscription whenever you like! + £15 a month for full access and unlimited views of the video library. + New videos (or two) shared each week. + Enjoy a variety of classes from beginners to challenging, yoga, pilates, meditation and breathing techniques. + Send in your ideas to inspire new video recordings! + Cancel anytime. + Be inspired to practice more often, find a routine and feel a difference! Thank you to so many of you that have already signed up, I am blown away by your support and your feedback for the videos has been so kind!! Any requests? Lots of love,

V x


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