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November Self Care Workshops


Novemeber's workshops are only a week away! I have two gorgeous collaboration sessions with lovely friends and my monthly self care and sound bath sessions to share.


🍂Saturday 18th - 11.00-1.00pm

🍂 Hygge Relaxation Session with Well Wishing Starfire Fae Spirit Yoga.

A cosy venture into deep relaxation, enjoy a slow yoga practice and then being wrapped tightly around the feet, tummy and head for a cocoon to relax the nervous system, be guided by a gentle sound bath and head massage. Open to all who feel the need to pause life for a while.

🍂Saturday 18th - 4.00-5.30pm

🍂Relaxation Sound Bath in the Forest.

The most beautiful practice to unwind a busy mind and calm an achey body. This session is the ultimate relax session, with no movement practice. Enjoy 1 hour 30 minutes reclined wrapped in your blankets and cushions, listen to live sounds played by Victoria with Crystal singing bowls, gong and many more magical instruments to recalibrate and reset the nervous system.


🍂Sunday 19th - 11.00-1.00pm

🍂Self Care Sunday in the Forest.

A beautiful two hour session that helps us to take more care of ourselves, enjoy a yoga practice and other healing modalities on the day, from sound healing, philosophy, acupressure point, stress and anxiety relief, journalling or group work. Each month is different and the perfect reset if you feel like you need to check back in with your wellbeing. Enjoy a little self care gift bag and build new friendships along the way.

🍂Sunday 19th - 2.00-4.00pm

🍂Wild Woman Workshop with Shasha Crow

This workshop is designed for those who yearn to reignite their wild feminine, come and let your guard down, inspire movement, creativity and sensuality. Learn to move the body in a way that feels good, with swaying, spirals, shaking and stroking. Listen to the music and learn to let go. Explore yoga postures that connect to the heart and sacral chakra, listen and find your voice with mantra and most of all, enjoy being wild at heart.

🍂Sunday 19th - 6.00-8.00pm

🍂Relaxation Yoga & Sound Bath

These sessions are a beautiful combination practice of restful yoga to stretch and ease tension while settling into a deep relaxation session afterwards. Use cushions and props to support the body in passive poses, connect to a gentle breath and allow the mind to unravel. The sound healing session gives the mind chance to rest, aiding in deep sleep, stress relief and physical and mental healing.

All workshops are suitable for all ages 16+, please get in touch with regards to pregnancy. All postures are layered to suit every participants needs and abilities. Beginners welcome.

For booking and more details please click the button below!

It is always beautiful to share these practice with you, I hope to see you very soon and if not this month maybe next! Have a lovely week ahead.

V x

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