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Online Yang & Yin Yoga returns!

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

After reaching out to you all and a little bit of manifesting and trusting the process I have made the decision to bring back the online YANG & YIN YOGA class on Tuesdays at 8.00-9.00pm!

Yang & Yin yoga is a beautifully well rounded class so if you can only make one online class a week, this may just be the perfect one!

Yang means to FLOW, it's active, strength building and instills focus. Yin means to BE STILL, its deep and releases physical and emotional tension.

Enjoy half a practice of a warming flow to raise the heart rate and get the body open and energetic, then surrender into supported stretches to really work deep into the muscles to release stress. This practice offers support to aiding sleep, stress reduction, moral boosting and is the perfect place to rebalance your energies, both physically and emotionally!

This is going to be a great online class thats perfect for the old (and unpredictable!) Autumn and winter evenings, practice in your pyjamas, light some candles and move at your own pace!

Thank you for your support and understanding!

This class is now open for booking for next week,

Loads of love! x



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