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Outdoor Yoga & Sound Baths at the Orangery

Im pinching myself as I am very happy to share that I will be leading my relaxation yoga & sound bath sessions at Hopton Court through Summer until late September. Im so grateful for flexibility and adaptability within offerings and Im absolutely going to make the most of the sharing outdoors when I can! So many of you have attended my monthly relaxation yoga & sound bath sessions and Im happy to say that through Summer we are sharing the practice within the Victorian Orangery & beautiful lawn space at Hopton Court, this will be instead of the space Areley Kings Village Hall... don't worry we will be back there in September for cosy autumn and winter practices!

This beautiful space is sun drenched and is home to the most gorgeous climbing jasmine which will be in full bloom through summer, its a gorgeous space and I cannot wait to guide you all with my singing bowls and voice. We have the option to practice within the orangery and on the lawn so you can choose what resonates for you.

The sessions will be held at sunset 6.00-8.00pm (they may get later as the sunsets do) so we can embrace cooler air and soft light, it really is so dreamy. This space is exclusive for myself so we are completely undisturbed, apart from the odd pheasant wandering around! We are also lucky enough to have the Coach House as a plan B incase we have rain forecast...(another incredible cosy space set within the Georgian outbuilding with a log burner!)

I cannot wait to share these sessions with you and I hope you can make a session soon.

Session dates for 2023:

May - 23rd

June - 25th (Summer Solstice Special)

July - 11th, 25th

August - 13th, 22nd, 27th

September - 10th, 12th, 26th

Session time:



Hopton Court Estate, Hopton Wafers, Kidderminster DY14 0EF

You are invited to the most beautiful evening within the stunning grounds of Hopton Court. These sessions take place within the Victorian Orangery within the gardens of Hopton Court, a naturally lit space that hold such a unique energy and resonance for the sessions. Be guided through a gentle yoga practice (with varying layers making the practice accessible to all) and settle afterwards cocooned in your blankets and pillows while you rest deeply to let the body and mind recalibrate. This is a session designed to deeply heal the body on a physical and mental level. After the yoga practice you will be invited to lie down wrapped in all your blankets and layers, once comfortable you will be immersed in sounds of crystal singing bowls, chimes, drum, rainstick, tuning forks, hand pan, gong and voice. You do not need to anything, just lie down and enjoy the most beautiful journey of sound to soothe the body and mind. Enjoy gentle breathing techniques to calm the mind. Release physical tension & aches with a guided yoga and movement practice. Rest in reclined for the most relaxing sound bath experience. Bring a flask of tea and watch the sunset. Be surrounded by birds & wildlife within the most beautiful undisturbed location.

Benefits of this practice are: + Decreased stress levels. + Increased mobility & flexibility. + Reduced stress & anxiety. + Improved cognition and body awareness. + Aids deep sleep.

V x

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