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Partner Yoga NOW ONLINE!

This weekends Valentines workshop (not specifically Valentines, its open to you all!) is now ONLINE, due to a heating issue at the hall we wont be able to teach the massage part so have decided to take the workshop online instead!

Come and unwind, connect, rest and relax together.

Within this workshop you are guided through partner yoga poses, where you support, reassure and stretch together. Learn to reconnect to the sensing body, touch and breathe together.

If you love yoga and would like to share it with your partner, this is the perfect opportunity, if you haven't tried yoga and would love to enjoy some time together this is your chance!

You will be guided through breathing techniques to calm the body and focus the mind, guided meditation and relaxation (at the beginning and end of the practice), a yoga practice to work with feminine and masculine energies, assisted postures, head and face massage. Enjoy tools and techniques to bring you into the present moment, to feel each others energy and be with each other.

A workshop that is hosted by Victoria & her partner Will who have both practiced yoga and meditation for many years. We love to do many things together and sharing yoga is one of them, you will be guided through a sequence of yoga postures using each other as a support, learning to use touch and body weight you will love the assisted stretches!

SUNDAY 13th FEB 7.00-9.00pm £30 PER COUPLE


A great opportunity to build confidence in touch and interaction, a perfect time to enjoy time with each other, learn to connect in new ways.

We cant wait to hold space with you, V & W x


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