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Tonights Yin Class ONLINE

A quick update for tonight's Yin class, I've made the decision to teach it ONLINE. The temperatures are getting incredibly cold again and I feel the studio space will be to cold tonight for us to enjoy practice. For Yin or any yoga practice we need to be warm, so I've decided to teach it online where you can all enjoy being wrapped up, heating on, candles lit and can even practice in your Pyjamas!

This practice is a beautiful session working with tools & techniques inspired by the seasons, emotions, chakra system & can help ease a busy mind amongst modern life. Enjoy a combination practice of slow flow yoga and yin yoga, we are in the season of winter so expect poses to aid mobility, deep stretches to relieve aches and pains and interesting TCM techniques to support your wellbeing this time of year.

Throughout the year this class will adapt and evolve through the seasons, accommodating our ever changing body & state of mind. As we feel nature's seasons change as the year goes by your body does the same. Enjoy a yoga practice that supports that, that offers variety and is always tailored to suit each participants needs. Yoga is a beautiful practice to help us come to terms with acceptance, patience, the ego and also teaches us to trust the process. Come and share space that is kind, nurturing, playful & open.

TONIGHTS CLASS 4TH MARCH IS ONLINE ONLY. (Temperature is to cold for studio)


£8.50 per person

Yoga mat, cushions, blanket, yoga blocks or bolsters. This is a practice where you use props.

+ A practice tailored to suit the time of year.

+ Enjoy a slow practice working with the muscles, joints and connective tissues.

+ Yin yoga deeply stretches the whole body, increasing flexibility & improving range of movement.

+ Calms the nervous system.

+ Essential oils to calm the mind.

+ Deep relaxation for restful sleep.

Our bodies hold tension, physically & emotionally. From the body holding its posture from day to day, injuries, imbalance, muscle weakness/tightness and habitual patterns we can feel achy, tired and sometime clunky in our bodies. After this practice you will feel open, soft, jelly like with a warm heart & calmer mind.

As you learn to release the physical body the mind relaxes too.

V x


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